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15 years ago today we went live at
In the ensuing years, we've made a lot of fantastic friends and met some amazing people.

Things change, people change, but through it all, we're still friends and family.

There are two particular people I need to thank, because without them, I don't think I'd ever have gotten anything done.

First is Erick, aka CIAD, now on his own, from the Surveillance Port. The guy is an absolute workhorse. I seriously don't know how he does it. He has a passion I've never seen before and it's awesome.

Second is Craig, aka MegsTriggerMan, who not only encouraged me to start the site, but also came through financially early on when I was out of work. He's my brother from another mother.

Finally, and certainly not the least important, are all the people out there who have contributed over the years. From site staff and friends, to all the members who have joined and posted and all of you who have liked us here on Social Media.

Sincerely, Thank you! You guys are the best!

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If Ur ever creeping around a bathroom, looking for Snake Eyes, and U don’t check the bubble bath, that’s yo ass.
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