Fleet by ska_lives!

Tonight we’ve got another awesome figure from ska_lives!  Check out G.I. Joe‘s newest recruit, Fleet!

Codename: FLEET
RN: Miles Coletrane
Specialty: Scouting and Recon specialist

Known for his fleet foootedness when running track in college, Fleet joined the military to see the world. He made a name for himself doing old fashioned scouting and recon. He went where the drones could not see, and returned without the enemy knowing any different.
His abilities gained the attention of Spirit Iron-Knife during a routine Joe recruit scouting. Fleet was immediately tapped for a spot on the team. He has made a name for himself among Data-Vipers as a ghost or non-entity, something that just isn’t there. They do not realize that this “ghost” is a person, they just believe it is a hiccup in their drone recordings.

“The kid could run across Arakkis and not attract the worm!” – Breaker

Check out The Ska customs catch up montage!! for more awesome figures!

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The Joe Report sits down with Derryl Depreist!

Our Friends at Patches of Pride who publish The Joe Report recently got a chance to have a One on One sit down with Hasbro Global Marketing VP Derryl Depreist!!

The Joe Report which is dedicated to the fandom and support for the rich history of G.I.Joe 12in and it’s classic heritage not only addressed that but also was able to give us a great glimpse into the man himself and what motivates Derryl Depreist to make G.I.Joe all that he can even if the future of 12in scale doesn’t rest with Hasbro!

A Small Excerpt …

‘My long answer to a short question is… As passionate as the 12-inch fans are—and I’m one of them, because my story’s built on 12-inch, I came to Hasbro to take over the GIjOE line, I have launched many lines internally—it’s (unfortunately) a small but passionate business; not big enough to sustain.

Our focus now is Joe-Cobra. That’s not to say Joe-Cobra couldn’t be 12-inch, but the days of a kind of generic GIjOE and razor/blades phenomenon or Timeless Collection stuff are in the past.”

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Rank and File on Sale Worldwide!

Our Esteemed Friend Mr. James Kavanaugh, aka KuuKuuSon has updated the availability of the New Rank and File Guide! This magnificent catalog of detailed resources for Modern Era Joes is now available to be bought on its own and shipped World Wide!

The Rank & File Guide is NOW available world wide!
The time is finally here and the Rank & File Guide Vol. 1 is now available as a stand alone option. Vol. 1 is $20 plus shipping (U.S. or International). Domestic default shipping is Media Rate and International shipping default is First-Class Mail International. Email rahc.guide@gmail.com for special instructions and additional rates may apply. The R.A.H.C. Guide is also still available and combo rates are available for both guides. Visit: www.rahcguide.com to place your order today.
Order now, supplies are severely limited and supplies have been moving fast!

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IDW April 29th Releases PLUS GiJoe #8 Preview

This week IDW offers a bountiful trip to your local comics shop with the following releases!

Among those is G.I.Joe #8!
[QUOTE]Karen Traviss (w) • Steve Kurth (a) • Jeffrey Veregge (c)
The war of intel and secrets reaches dangerous new heights as Scarlet’s G.I. Joe team goes deeper undercover in a country run by Cobra.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99[/QUOTE]

Check out The List of Releases Below and take a quick peek at the first few pages of G.I.Joe#8!

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Joe and the rest of Hasbro Toons stream to Vimeo…

Most of us were curious as to the fate of G.i.Joe , Transformers and a few others of our beloved classics as they slowly started to disappear from Netflix. Well it looks like we may finally have our answer.

Deadline is reporting that Hasbro has made a deal with online video service Vimeo. Vimeo often thought of as the poor man’s Youtube, has been trying to break from the public’s perception not just expanding their available catalog but also offering original programming.

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Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto Talk to Action Figure Fury!

Action Figure Fury sat down with Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto for an interview, regarding the Captain Action franchise!

There’s a lot of great information about their various figures and comics, and the following information will be of interest to collectors of 4″ action figures!

AFF: Zica Toys has been promoting their 1/18th scale line as shipping in Summer 2015. Are we close to the release and will the first wave see Captain Action and the release of the Silver Streak?

Joe Ahearn: One of the coolest things about working with the team from ZICA is the Silver Streak they are developing for the line. As you probably know, the Silver Streak was Captain Action’s version of the Batmobile. It was an imaginative collectible and is still very sought after by vintage collectors. One thing that always bothered us, however, is that the Silver Streak looked long and sleek in the packaging illustrations, but the actual toy vehicle was a bit stubbier. We’ve worked with the gang from Zica to rectify this, and the new Silver Streak will more accurately reflect the idealized version from the packaging. (No pun intended.) And as its sculpted digitally, we’re plotting behind the scenes to figure out the best way to create a 1/6th scale version of it somewhere down the road.

We’re also planning additional characters for this line, including Dr. Evil and Lady Action. The Lady Action will be highly anticipated, we feel, because we’re designing an alternate outfit for her as part of this line.

Captain Action discussion!

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