CobraIsland Plays … with Transformers!

Let’s be honest this is CobraIsland, we’re not as up tight as the Suits in Springfield. While our mission of world domination is clear the general Island population are Vipers and Vipettes here to take a vacation from all the Blue and Red lasers, to chill on the beach and try not to think of Joes. They like to think sometimes of other things that they enjoy and PLAY!

Today CobraIsland Plays … with Transformers!

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Exclusive First Look – Gentle Giant 12 Inch Jumbo G.I. Joe

Mr. Page Wagner was in attendance at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California last week. While there, he visited the Gentle Giant Booth and was able to get video and commentary from the GG team on their [url=]Jumbo 12″ G.I.Joe figures[/url].

Page was kind enough to provide the footage to Justin Bell of [url=]GeneralsJoes[/url], who has in turn posted it on YouTube. He spent a few minutes talking to Gentle Giant about future G.I. Joe releases and was able to get “hands on” with GG’s upcoming Grunt figure. Check it out below and then continue reading to join us for discussion already in progress!

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Congrats IDW!!! 11 Eisner Award Nominations!

The prestigious Eisner Awards have recognized and nominated IDW Publishing for Awards across several categories.

Establishing in 1988 after the Kirby Awards were discontinued, The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards or the closet thing to the Grammys or Oscars that an industry that provides us with so much entertainment achieves.

IDW’s 11 nominations came in through 9 different categories!!

“We’re once again very gratified to get this notice for our books,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “Our nominations this year are a great sampling of the breadth and diversity of the kinds of books we publish here. We work very hard to produce the highest quality books in every category we are in and these nominations in themselves are much appreciated.”


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12in Collectors … Brian Savage is your Only Hope.

The Joe Report published an article confirming what most in the Joe community already knew. Hasbro no longer has any real interest in 12 inch scale support, that has been left in the capable hands of CEO and EIC of Fun Publications Brian Savage. The well written article goes into great detail of the passion and efforts that Brian has already gone through in the past and currently to continue to provide an outlet for 12in fans to still get excited and feel as if they haven’t been left by the wayside….

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What’s on Joe Mind? Episode 100!

The 100th episode of What’s on Joe Mind? is now online!

ZOMG!  It’s here…finally.  We recorded this well before JoeCon, but it is a MONSTER episode.  We figured we should put out something worthy of 100, so here is our biggest show ever!  It’s all about you the listeners and us thumping our chest a little bit.  Afterall, 100 shows is no small feat.  It takes a lot of work and time, so we figured we would enjoy ourselves on this one, share some memories and look back at what make the previous 99 so special.  Along the way we are joined by Bill Murphy from Fresh Monkey Fiction and Craig from Zica Toys to talk to us about their Captain Action and Eagle Force revival campaigns who talk to us about their upcoming Kickstarter slated for later this summer.  They share with us a big announcement that you will want to hear!  We are also joined by Cobra Commander…yes, the genuine article joins us to read your letters in the mailbag.  It’s all the pre-JoeCon news, your calls and our memories.  Thanks for listening and being part of this awesome ride!  We hope you enjoy this epic #100.

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