GIJCC unveils 2016 12in Membership Joe!

For those Joe collectors and old school supporters for which Brian Savage and the GIJCC keep the dream alive 2016 will be another special year. After offering the first Glow in the Dark 12″ Joe with this years membership option, this year will feature his counter part with an update to the 70’s Classic … Mike Power the Atomic Man! ….

“The NEW Atomic Man from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club will feature kung fu grip hands, clear legs, a clear arm and an ALL-NEW head design which will include an electronic LED light up eye activated by tugging on his Adventure Team dog tag! The figure will come dressed in tee shirt, shorts, and white shoes based on the RARE vintage uniform from the Secret Mountain Outpost for Atomic Man produced in the 1970s. To add to the fun there will be an accessory uniform set for Atomic Man available for separate purchase!”

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Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider!

The New Jersey Collector’s Convention announced that they will be giving away this beautiful gem as a door prize at their next convention!

New Jersey Collectors Con is proud to announce our 2015 Custom Giveaway Exclusive: Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider! Featuring our first original head sculpt and a host of weapons, Death Metal will also come with a custom Dreadnok vehicle.

We will be giving this custom set away as door prizes 1 per hour. When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Sunday, August 2nd 2015!

Death metal: parts cast by Ragin Spoon and Nova
Guns and accessories by Marauder, Inc
Stickers by Cobrastickers

Direction, assembly and painting by KrymsynGardImmoral

Gator Raider
Parts cast by Nova
stickers by Cobrastickers
assembled and painted by KrymsynGardImmoral

parts for both projects provided in part by Kokomo Toys

You can check out more photos of Dreadnok Death Metal and his Gator Raider on Cobra Island’s Google + page!

Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider discussion!

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Cobra Stickers Officially Announces Moving in With Toy Hax!

When asked about the move, Toy Hax had this to say:

My last room mate was terrible!  He left his dishes in the sink for weeks!  We had a ton of flies!  Cobra Stickers is great about getting that stuff done, and he’s conscious about not making a mess!

But seriously, here’s the official announcement:

We are up and running! is fully moved into our new website at All the same products you’ve grown to love and some new ones are now available for order. Please note that our clients will have to create a new profile/user account on the new site. Cobrastickers is now on Facebook! Check us out and join the group. Our full customer photo library has been added. Now you can add your own custom photos to the FB page. Thank you to all our clients for continuing to support us through the change.

The CS team.

Check out the Cobra Stickers storefront on Toy Hax!

Cobra Stickers discussion!

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SDCC Box Art Combiner Mode!

Well maybe not a combiner mode since it doesn’t become more powerful or anything . . .

Anyway DESTRO  of HISS Tank posted an image of the two San Diego Comic Con exclusive G.I. Joe sets side by side to show how the artwork lines up!

Click the image to see the larger picture.

SDCC exclusives discussion!

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Acid Rain Paint Tests!

Kit Lau posted some images of paint tests of the Flakbike and the Laurel Worker mech on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

Paint test only, not the final version.

While they’re not available for yet, you can order other awesome Acid Rain World figures and vehicles from Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source!

Acid Rain Paint Test discussion!

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Welcome to Wolf Squad!

Justin Bell of GeneralsJoes posted a new book on Kindle Worlds!  Check out Welcome to Wolf Squad!

They are the apex predators of the G.I. Joe team… the Wolf Squad! After top secret vehicle plans are stolen, covert operations specialists Chuckles, Night Fox, Sightline, Hit & Run, Torpedo, and Captain Ace lead a team into Benzheen for reconnaissance on a COBRA manufacturing facility.

Welcome to Wolf Squad discussion!

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Acid Rain World Green Jeep on Big Bad Toy Store!

Hey guys!  So remember when I said “It looks pretty awesome. I wish it was a mass-release since I’ll probably never get one.”

Well, thanks to MegsTriggerMan for the heads up, I’m getting my very own Acid Rain World San Diego Comic Con exclusive Green Jeep with Green Sol Commander, and you can too!

Pre-order your very own Acid Rain World with Green Sol Commander at Big Bad Toy Store!

Green Jeep discussion!

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