Exclusive Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Figures!

Boss Fight Studio posted images of special exclusive Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures that are open for preorder today!

First up there’s the New Jersey Collectors’ Con exclusive Ultimate Spartan!

New Jersey Collectors Con is proud to present our official exclusive action figure from Boss Fight Studio “The Ultimate Spartan”. Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. is a line of highly articulated action figures for adult collectors designed with play and customization in mind. The Ultimate Spartan lives up to the hype by being able to create many combinations of your favorite Spartan.

How do I pre-order the NJCC Exclusive Ultimate Spartan by Boss Fight Studio?

In-order to purchase the NJCC Exclusive Ultimate Spartan you must pre-order the NJCC Exclusive Ultimate Spartan Package. Each package you purchase will include One Early Bird Admission to NJCC on Sunday April 3rd 2016 starting at 8am. You will also receive 20 Door Prize Tickets that will be good for every door prize drawing throughout the day of Sunday April 3rd 2016. Each Ultimate Spartan will come in it’s own exclusive convention box. The NJCC Ultimate Spartan by Boss Fight Studio is limited to 1000pcs.

You can see more photos of the Ultimate Spartan and pre-order your copies here!

There’s also the Kokomo Toys and All the Cool Stuff exclusive Elite Amazon figure!

You can pre-order the Elite Amazon here!

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“7 Kickstarter Projects That Prove The Toy Industry Is Evolving” by David McCauley!

Thanks to J.D. for the heads up.

David McCauley of The Outer Haven posted an article called “7 Kickstarter Projects That Prove The Toy Industry Is Evolving!”

The article gives a nod to the Marauder Task Force: Valkyries (a favorite toy line, among Cobra Island staff), IAmElemental (an awesome toy line, featuring female superheroines with realistic body images), and the highly anticipated Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. along with a whole bunch of other awesome toy lines!

Kickstarter discussion!

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IDW Publishing released a preview of GI JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO #220!

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #220: COBRA WORLD ORDER Part 2
Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a) • Francesco Francavilla (c)
Once G.I. Joe uncovers more about Cobra’s sinister plot, the villainous organization goes to ground and consolidates its forces. Cobra’s Master Plan is set to begin and G.I. Joe will not be prepared for the epic scale of the coming caranage!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet points:

  • COBRA WORLD ORDER heats up!


GI JOE A REAL AMERICAN HERO #220 discussion!

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The Loyal Subjects Black Friday Sale!

The Loyal Subjects announced their Black Friday sale!

Black Friday! For the First time ever TLS OPENS with Factory Pricing for ALL Exclusives! 40% OFF Retail Price on Exclusives for MOTU, G.I. JOE Wave 2, TMNT2, HTTYD – This sale is F I R E ! Don’t Sleep! Sale starts Wed Nov 25th at 11:59p and goes to Monday Nov 30th til Midnight!

Curing your hunger pains and keeping those munchies going all the way til’ Cyber Monday! This one special Holiday Weekend, and our thank you to you for being so supportive. Let’s do this! – Humbly, your Loyal Subjects 🙂

Only available at https://www.theloyalsubjects.com/


The Loyal Subjects Black Friday Sale discussion!

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H.A.C.K.S. Full Production and Preorders Soon!

That’s right folks!  I’ll be able to preorder Eurayle soon!  Did I mention she’s my favorite?!

Boss Fight Studio announced that they’re ramping up production, and preorders will be up on their site!

Hi Boss-Fighters!

Dave and Catrina are returning from an extended and successful trip to meet with our factory and approve final samples before we start production. We’re extremely encouraged with the high quality of samples we’re seeing, and can’t wait for you guys to have them in hand. We’ll be announcing formal dates shortly and opening up limited pre-orders for those that missed the Kickstarter!

Images behind the cut! [You can see the images in the link above.

We also got a look at the transparent purple skeleton!

One more update for tonight – the leftmost skeleton in the previously seen group pic will be a clear purple tint instead of the smokey tint.


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What’s the Plan for the Next G.I. Joe Movie?

That’s a good question!  CinemaBlend reports that Akiva Goldsman will be fully-immersing his team of writers in the world of G.I. Joe!

Goldsman’s approach to film adaptations is by truly immersing himself, and the other writers, in all mediums of an existing franchise. For G.I. Joe, as he did with Transformers, this includes having the writers watch the cartoons, play with toys, and engage in video games in order to familiarize themselves with the concept. From there, the writers can use their knowledge of G.I. Joe to outline an overall arc that they’d like to tell over the course of a few sequels. So instead of handing the script duties to writers unfamiliar with the source, Goldsman’s team will be certified experts.

Special thanks to J.D. for the heads up on this!

G.I. Joe movie discussion!

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Marauder Task Force Pins!

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” announced that the Marauder Task Force pins are now on sale!

Hey Folks!
For those of you that wanted it, the DIE-CAST METAL “Skull & Knife” Marauder Task Force logo pins are now available! The super detailed pins are 1 inch in diameter, easily attach to almost any cloth surface and are ONLY $3.99! We hope you check them out!


Marauder Task Force pins and patches discussion!

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