Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe

Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe On Sale

We’ve got exciting news via the 3DJoes Twitter Page!  The first two volumes of Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe are now on sale at the 3DJoes website!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe v1 + v2 are available now!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 1 is a 64 page 8″x11″ celebration of the art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero, while Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 2 clocks in at a whopping 78 pages! Together, these two volumes cover the first four years of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero and feature every carded figure, vehicle, playset and peripheral painted art. Both volumes feature a foreword by H. Kirk Bozigian, G.I.Joe Brand Manager from 1982-1995. These $35 softcovers feature 80# paper and stunning 11″x16″ wrap-around card stock foil print covers!

If you want some awesome art from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero era of G.I. Joe, then Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe is for you!

Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe discussion!

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Acid Rain World

Acid Rain World Armored Figure

Kit Lau posted a sketch of an Acid Rain World character in a new kind of body armor, as well as a photo of a prototype of said figure on his Acid Rain World instragram page!

Anyone who collects the Acid Rain World figures is bound to be excited by this latest development!  I know I can’t wait to find out more about this one!

As always you can visit Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source for more awesome Acid Rain World figures and vehicles!

Will this be a vehicle driver, or will it be released as a single?  Will you troop build it?  Head on over to the Acid Rain World discussion to let us know!

I know I wouldn’t mind if our armored friend was a single figure, since I’d like a few of them, and it doesn’t hurt that it’ll probably be released in the new crate-style packaging that Kit’s been designing!

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Marauder Task Force

Marauder Task Force Shipping

Hey Islanders!  We’ve received great news, regarding the Marauder Task Force Valkyries first shipment (the repaints of the first wave of Marauder Task Force figures)!

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” announced that the first shipment of Marauder Task Force Valkyries (the wave 1 Marauder Task Force repaints) will be shipping on Monday, December 28!

The Marauder Task Force figures included in this shipment will be any number of the following figures, that you selected with your backer kit:


  • Brown Terra-Ops
  • Grey Tech-Ops
  • Orange Hazard-Ops
  • Yellow and Green Strike-Ops
  • Black and Yellow Shock-Ops (Whom I lovingly call “Bee-Men”)

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” had this to say:

Hey 814 Valtaskers!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the Holiday Season!

Santa was also VERY good to your “Gun-Runners”…. we received ALL the NEW color versions of the male MTF figures and ALL the corresponding NEW color accessories!

For those getting 2 (TWO) Kickstarter shipments, the first shipments (with the new MTF male figures) will start to shipMonday 12/28. All the orders should be shipped by December 31st. The 2nd half of the orders (with the new Valkyries figures) and the orders for those backers only getting 1 (ONE) shipment will ship next summer as scheduled.

In the spirit of the Holiday season and to express our gratitude for your patience, we are adding some bonus items to your packages to show you our appreciation!

Thanks for your support!

MJ & Crew

I know I can’t wait for my shipment of Marauder Task Force goodness!

Marauder Task Force Valkyries discussion!

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G.I. Joe Club Expires December 2016

It appears that the G.I. Joe Club, JoeCon, the Transformers Club, and BotCon will be no more!

The Allspark reports that Fun Publications, the company that currently hosts the G.I. Joe Club, JoeCon, the Transformers Club, and BotCon, announced that all memberships to their clubs expire on December 31, 2016, which indicates that they will no longer retain the license after that point.

There’s no word on whether or not there will be a G.I. Joe Club or JoeCon after their contract expires, but there’s speculation that BotCon will be replaced by “Transformers experiences”

This also means that next year’s G.I. Joe Figure Subscription Service is the last one to be produced by the G.I. Joe Club!

G.I. Joe Club expiration discussion!

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G.I. Joe #222 Preview

IDW Publishing released a preview of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #222 — Cobra World Order part 4!

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #222: COBRA WORLD ORDER Part 4

Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a) • Phil Jimenez (c)

Cobra finally insinuates itself into the highest positions in the US government, while G.I. Joe approaches the highest powers in the pentagon for aid in the fight. But help comes from an unexpected ally that reveals the true nature of the COBRA WORLD ORDER!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:

  • COBRA WORLD ORDER comes to a head—COBRA’S true plan is finally revealed!

 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #222 –Cobra World Order Part 4 discussion!

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More Acid Rain World Photos

Kit Lau posted several new images on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

These photos provide more images of the Soil Ghosts, and the Omanga faction, as well as our first look at a zombie, civilians, and diorama supplies, coming soon to your Acid Rain World collection!

As always, you can get your Acid Rain World fix at Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source!

Acid Rain World discussion!

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Adventure People

Adventure People by Zica Toys

Zica Toys announced that they will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming toyline, Adventure People!

ZICA Toys is very excited to announce the official return of Adventure People! Launching via Kickstarter in January of 2016, the first assortment will consist of Captain Action, Captain Evil, Action Jackson, and Jet Jungle. Each figure will come with a total of 5 interchangeable hand sets which include closed fist, grip, and trigger finger. The grip and trigger finger sets come in two different wrist articulation types, one set has it on the X axis and one has it on the Y axis.
We’re also excited to be bringing back the REMCO brand name with the launch of the Adventure People line. When the Kickstarter goes live we hope we can can count on your support to help add this double dose of retro goodness to your collection.

Adventure People discussion!

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Transformers vs G.I. Joe Issue 10 Preview

Thanks to Comics Alliance we have a preview of Transformers vs G.I. Joe #10 from IDW Publishing!

Transformers vs G.I. JOE #10
Tom Scioli, John Barber (w) • Scioli (a & c)
REMEMBER US?! The most titanic tale of the twenty-first century takes an unexpected twist—BUT WHEN HAS TRANSFORMERS VS. G.I. JOE DONE ANY LESS?! Expect the unexpected—then throw your expectations out the window!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet points:
· Boom!

Transformers vs G.I. Joe issue 10 discussion!

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Custom Storm Shadow by ska_lives

The hits keep coming from ska_lives!  His latest figure is a fresh look at the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Storm Shadow!

I finally got around to finishing this guy. I have had this figure sorted and ready for months, but I was just too lazy to finish some of the smaller bits of finishing to call him complete. Finally, however, I have.
I decided to actually tie my own Alpine harness using book binding thread instead of painting the plastic one that comes with the figure. Afterwards I painted the wooden shin guards as I have in the past to make them look more like wood. The rest was just painting some details to match, and stringing the bow.
I made this head and hood combo way back during the summer, and had been painting up a scratch built body for it, however, even using krylon fusion on the body for a nice even white, it wasnt adhering, so I put him on the back burner until the 50th model dropped. Once that happened, I just moved my work over to its core build.
Since this is going into my personal collection, I doubt ill go back and touch up some of the grey paint on the hood, but if I were to put it on the market I do need to make it a bit more even in tone.

Anywho, I hope you dig the changes.

Head: Ret. Ult Storm Shadow
Body: 50th Storm Shadow

Hood: Resolute Storm Shadow
BP: 50th Storm Shadow
Sword: DG Storm Shadow
Bow: 50th Storm Shadow w/ string
Arrow: 50th Storm Shadow
Climbing Axe: 50th Snow Job
Claw: 50th Storm Shadow
Misc Ninja Accessories (not pictured (in BP)): Ret. Ult. Storm Shadow
Alpine Rope Coil: Book Binding Thread
pouches: ROC Red Ninja harness

Be sure to check out more photos of the Storm Shadow and let ska_lives know what you think in the Storm Shadow discussion!

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Acid Rain World Photos from Kit Lau

Kit Lau posted several new photos, featuring Acid Rain World figures, and the upcoming Acid Rain World line of clothing!

Check out more great Acid Rain World images on Kit Lau’s Acid Rain World Instagram page!  As always you can get your Acid Rain World fix from Big Bad Toy Store and The Toy Source!


Acid Rain World discussion!

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