Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Convention Exclusives

Boss Fight Studio provided more details, regarding their upcoming Con Exclusive Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures!

Hey Boss Fighters!!
Con season is right around the corner and that means we will have some great opportunities to get out there and meet some new friends and get the word out about BFS and Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.
Our first con of 2016 is New Jersey Collector Con in Cherry Hill, NJ on April 3rd. We’ll be there to answer questions, do sketches, and talk toys.
Most importantly, we’ll be selling our first line of product! So if you missed our Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter or Pre-Sales then you’ll have to come see us and get your collection started!
NJCC, of course, has the first Con Branded Exclusive with their Ultimate Spartan only available at the Con.
WHAT?! Toys for sale, Con Exclusives, and cool company?!
But wait, There’s more!! NJCC will be the first time our 2016 con exclusive Eternal Struggle two-pack will be available to the public.
If you can’t make it to NJCC, the Eternal Struggle two-pack will also be available on on April 3rd only.
So we hope to see you in NJ and stay tuned for more 2016 con announcements!



Hey Boss Fighters!!
Last week we announced our first con of the season being NJCC on April 3rd. Well, here’s our next big con-season announcement.
Boss Fight Studio will be setting up at MEGACON in Orlando, FL May 26-29!!
This is our first time at Mega Con and our first sojourn down to the Sunshine State, so hopefully we’ll see a lot of new faces and some familiar ones, as well. We’re super excited to be making the trip down there and spreading our influence to more unsuspecting collectors. We’ll be doing sketches, talking toys, selling figures, and gossiping about the ancient Greeks…You know the ones!!
We’ll be selling our 2016 Convention Exclusive Eternal Struggle 2-pack at the con as well as on our website that weekend.
So, mark your calendars and hold your breath because we may have a few surprises in store for those of you that can make it to our booth.

Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. discussion!

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Micro Vehicles

Micro Vehicles on 3D Joes

3D Joes updated their page with a brand new entry–G.I. Joe Micro Vehicles!  Here’s what 3D Joes had to say about the Micro Vehicles!

In 1989, Micro Figures were packaged free with select carded figures. They were sold in subsequent years through offers packed in with vehicles and playsets. The 1991 “Escape from Doom!” booklet offered the Micro Figures once again and introduced the Micro Vehicles.

Check out the 3D Joes Micro Vehicles page for a look at these awesome toys!

3D Joes Micro Vehicle discussion!

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G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe 223 Preview

IDW Publishing posted a preview of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #223!

G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero #223: COBRA WORLD ORDER Part 5
Larry Hama (w) • S L Gallant (a) • Stephen Mooney (c)
The Sleepers Awaken! COBRA’s covert agents, situated all over the world, activate and prepare to bring about the Cobra World Order. G.I. JOE scrambles to take them down—but it may just be too late!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
COBRA’s sleepers rise up—and enact the COBRA WORLD ORDER!

G.I. Joe #223 discussion!

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Marauder Task Force

Marauder Task Force–More Info

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” posted more information, regarding the first wave repaints of the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter figures!

FAQ concerning 1st Marauder Task Force shipments: Weapons & Orange Hazard Ops Figures

Posted by Marauder GR

Hey “814 Valtaskers!”

The response to the first Kickstarter shipments has been overwhelming! We are delighted you like the items! We have received some questions about weapons and the orange Hazard Ops figure.

Weapons: ONLY backers at the Valhalla level received weapons & IDS stands for each figure ordered. Asgard backers received an IDS stand for each figure ordered. The other levels did not receive weapons or stands.

Orange Hazard Ops figure: There have been some questions about the head on the Orange Hazard-Ops figure. In the illustration on the Kickstarter project, the orange head with goggle & breather was shown. Unfortunately the orange goggle/breather heads did not arrive until this week. Rather than delay shipping all the Kickstarter orders by an additional 3 weeks, we made the decision to ship the orange figure with the orange balaclava head. In the Kickstarter, the Orange Hazard Ops image is labeled as “final product and colors may vary”…just in case there are last minute unforeseen issues. That being said, we will be delighted to add the orange goggle/breather heads for any Hazard-Ops figure ordered to your next regular Marauder GR website order. Just put a note in the message section of the order with the number of orange goggle/breather heads wanted.

Thanks again for your support!

MJ & Crew

Marauder Task Force discussion!

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Marauder Task Force

Marauder Task Force Update

The Marauder “Gun-Runners” sent the latest update, regarding their Marauder Task Force wave 1 repaints!  All of the backers’ packages are shipped and should be in hand within the next few days, and the Marauder Task Force wave 1 repaints will be going up for sale on the Marauder, Inc. storefront!

But wait!  It gets better!  They’re also going to be restocking the solid green, black, and tan figures from the first wave of Marauder Task Force figures tonight!

First shipments with the NEW Male Marauder Task Force figures are on the way!

Posted by Marauder GR

Hey “814 Valtaskers!”

We are pleased to announce that ALL orders with the new Marauder Task Force MALE figures have shipped! Most of you have received your orders or will receive them Monday (1/4) or Tuesday (1/5). Even though the international orders shipped FIRST, those orders still take longer to arrive than domestic US orders. The 2nd part of the Kickstarter orders will ship next summer when the new sculpt female MTF Valkyries & Steady Cam Gunner are ready (if you only ordered new Val items, you will get only 1 (ONE) shipment next summer).

The left over new male figures (Hazard Ops, Terra Ops, Tech Ops, Shock Ops and Strike Ops) will go live on the site Tuesday or Wednesday night. We want as many of our Kickstarter supporters as possible to get their packages with those figures BEFORE we offer them to everyone else. There are not many of them left for the site, but we do have a restock on the way for the end of this month.

For those interested, the LONG out of stock solid green Field Ops, the black Night Ops, the tan Camo Desert Ops figures and the NEW heads with facial hair will be “live” on the website around 9pm EST Saturday night (1/2).

Thank you again for your support and we really hope you like the items!

Take care!

MJ & Crew

Marauder “Gun-Runners”

Marauder Task Force discussion!

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Dutch by ska_lives

This is one that’s sure to have you yelling “Get to da choppa!”  ska_lives shared his custom figure of Alan ” Dutch” Schaefer from Predator!

So this was originally to be an entry into the 3rd quarter contest over at OG13, but some parts did not arrive in time. Thus he was entered into the 4th quarter contest and I luckily took home the prize! He was a simple build and most of the work came from the paint apps and the knife sheath.

that being said, enjoy and let me know what you think!

head – cast received in trade
body – 50th Gung-ho w/ sculpted sheath

knife -fodder
m-16 – DG Duke w/ grenade launcher from ret lady jaye rifle

Be sure to check out more pics in ska_lives’ custom Dutch discussion!

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Duke by ska_lives

ska_lives stopped by to share his 50th Anniversary Duke figure with us!

I wanted to do a nice upgrade of Duke to fit in with the 50th line, so I took a little inspiration from some customs I had seen by Marine-73 and Ozzie92 to name a few. From there it was just a matter of making things fit and painting him up! This figure was fun to make and came together nicely IMO. I hope you guys dig it! Let me know what you think!

head – Ren. Duke
torso – Ret. 3pk Firefly
arms – Ret. Mouse
hands – 50th Beachhead
legs – 50th lady jaye

bp – 50th hit and run
rifle – poc shock trooper
gun belt – poc hawk
pistol – mu ultimat cap
bandolier – joe con zombie steel brigade

Be sure to let ska_lives know what you think of this awesome figure in his custom 50th Anniversary Duke discussion!

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Adventure People

Adventure People Kickstarter Live

The Adventure People Kickstarter Campaign, brought to you by Zica Toys is live!  These awesome toys are sculpted by Boss Fight Studio, one of our favorite up and coming toy companies!

You know the quality for the Adventure People figures will be top-shelf with Boss Fight on the job!

The first wave of Adventure People will be 4 inches tall (the same as G.I. Joe, and Marauder Task Force–Another toy line sculpted by Boss Fight Studio), and will feature tons of articulation!

The cast of characters featured will include Captain Action, Action Jackson, Jet Jungle, and Captain Evil!  On top of that, if the Kickstarter campaign reaches $60,000 then two Captain Action variants will be unlocked!

Don’t hesitate folks!  If you want to see these figures on your toy shelves, donate to the Adventure People Kickstarter today!

Adventure People discussion!

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