2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet Spotlight – Dreadnok Dread Dioramas

In attendance at the 2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet was The Dreaded Cuban, Dreadnok Dread! If you’re not familiar with Dread’s work, well then you’re in for a treat. Dreadnok Dread specializes in dioramas, customs, kitbashes, molds,casting, clothing and more. You can check out two pieces of his work in our Show Exclusive Black Major Urban Assault Trooper review, where we utilized his awesome Urban Cobra Backdrop and 1:18th scale Barricade. There were many different backdrops to choose from, along side Barricades in Clean, damaged or tagged looks. 

Not only does he has Diorama items for sale, but he also offers a full assortment of hats, tee shirts and other schwag for the sophisticated G.I.Joe fan. 

Make sure to go follow DreadnokDread on Instagram and pick up some of his awesome dio pieces for your collection! You can join us for more discussion related to the 2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet right here on the Cobra Island Forums

2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet Discussion Thread – Cobra Island forums


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