2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet Spotlight – Show Exclusive Black Major Urban Assault Trooper

Although it was the first time the Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet was held, our good friend Albert came out of the gate swinging, offering a show exclusive figure!

Show attendees had the opportunity to take home a Black Major Exclusive Urban Assault Trooper. This vintage style Alley Viper, in a vibrant Cobra Blue and Red with Black and Silver highlights, was an instant hit. For those of you familiar with Black Major’s figures, then you know the quality associated with this release. The figure includes all of his iconic gear – 

  • Face Mask
  • Weapon
  • Backpack with removable Hook
  • Shield

As if the Exclusive wasn’t cool enough, Albert enlisted the help of JoeRepro.com who made an Exclusive Box for the figure that even had show exclusive branding! How cool is that? We took it up a notch and included some of the amazing Diorama pieces that Dreadnok Dread had on hand for the pictorial, but you’ll have to buy those separately. 😉 

Read on to check out a full gallery of the 2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet Exclusive Urban Assault Trooper, then join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums!

2017 Dirty South G.I.Joe Meet Discussion Thread – Cobra Island Forums

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