3DJoes Auctions to benefit the family of Master Sergeant Josh Wheeler!

3DJoes Auctions to benefit the family of Master Sergeant Josh Wheeler!

3DJoes announced that they’ve posted two auctions to benefit the family of Master Sergeant Josh Wheeler!

Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler was a United States Army Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (aka Delta Force) Master Sergeant. A veteran of 14 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Wheeler earned four Bronze Stars with the letter V (awarded for valor in combat) and seven Bronze Stars (awarded for heroic or meritorious service in a combat zones). He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

He served in the single most elite unit the U.S. has to offer, and he truly is one of the best of the best. His sacrifices are endless and certainly unfathomable to most. Not only was he a exemplary Soldier but also a husband, a father of four, and a local to our hometown of Southern Pines.

​On Oct 22, 2015 Master Sergeant Josh Wheeler was killed in action while saving over 70 innocent captives from Islamic State militants. The New York Times reported:

“When Kurdish commandos went on a helicopter raid to rescue about 70 hostages who were about to be executed by Islamic State militants, the plan called for the Americans who accompanied them to offer support, not join in the action… But then the Kurdish attack on the prison where the hostages were held stalled, and Sergeant Wheeler responded. “He ran to the sound of the guns.” … The Kurdish fighters, known as pesh merga, tried to blast a hole in the compound’s outer wall, but could not. Sergeant Wheeler and another American, part of a team of 10 to 20 Delta Force operators who were present, ran up to the wall, breached it with explosives, and were the first ones through the hole.”

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