50th Bazooka Trooper!

50th Bazooka Trooper!

ska_lives does it again!  Check out this awesome 50th Anniversary Bazooka Trooper!

Hey fellas! Its been a bit eh? Well Ive been out of the loop custom-wise for a bit because I moved to the greater DC area at the end of the summer. Needless to say its taken a good while to get settled. Ive got a few things to show everyone, but here is the first…

SO this is just a quick fix custom Ive wanted to do for a good while now. Thanks to DW and nabbing a few 25th ‘Zook troops off of him, I was able to make one with an extra 50th Trooper. Also, some may like to point out that the namesake is incorrect due to the use of an RPG as opposed to a Bazooka, but I do like the RPG’s aesthetic and it keeps true to the 25th figure that its based on.
Anywho, this custom is very simple but I dig it, and I hope you guys do too!

Check out more pics in ska_lives’ 50th Anniversary Bazooka Trooper discussion!

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