Eagle Force HQ Update – Goldie is on her way!


Earlier this week, Eagle Force HQ brought us a special message from The Cat! The latest transmission received from Eagle Force HQ brings us word on the Goldie Hawk & Cat Trading Cards Kickstarter Campaign  from our friends at The Drawn Word – The Goldie Hawk and Cat cards are currently at the printer! They’re in the proofing stages, with the final coming out on old school chipback stock!

Drawn Word promises they’ll be well worth the wait, especially since they link up with Eagle Force MEGA! As soon as The Drawn Word gets this campaign settled with the backers, they’re going to launch the long-awaited sequel to Eight Lives Left–Seize the Castle! And there’s more Eagle Force goodness on the way! Scout’s honor or you can take my sparkly gold beret away! 

You can keep up with all the updates from Eagle Force HQ right here on the Cobra Island Forums by visiting the Official Eagle Force Returns Discussion Thread

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