82 Coloring and Activity Book Scans for All!

82 Coloring and Activity Book Scans for All!

A HUGE thanks to Lewis Aleman for allowing us to show off a little bit of the fine archival work being done over at TheCobraTemple.com completing what can only be described as a labor of love and a gift to the Joe Community, TheCobraTemple has finished it’s high quality scans of this 1982 Coloring and Activity book. “Oh that’s cool..” you say? .. Well it doesn’t stop there these scan are available to you for FREE and are able to be print at high quality resolution at FULL ORIGINAL SIZE! You can essentially print out your own piece of history to share with your children over a a fresh box of Crayola!

Check out the full 44 Page book HERE!

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Follow through and let us know if you coloring outside the lines at the Island!

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