Acid Rain World Bucks Team Establishment Day Celebration – Lucky Draw Star x Star Sweepstakes

Acid Rain World Bucks Team Establishment Day Celebration – Lucky Draw Star x Star Sweepstakes

Our friends from the Acid Rain World have announced a new contest via the Acid Rain World Facebook Page; Check out the details for the Bucks Team Establishment Day Celebration- Lucky draw “Star x Star” sweepstakes!

  • Participation period: 20th March 2018 – 31st March 2018
  • Draw date: 6th April 2018 (exact time will be announced on our official Facebook page)
  • Details: Each order of “The Bucks Team Commemorative Pack” comes with an order number “AEXXXX-SP” in the confirmation email; This will be your unique “Star Code”. On April 6, 2018, six unique “Star Codes” and “Star x Star Codes” will be drawn individually, corresponding to the six prizes below.


  • <<Acid Rain World>> 1:18 Graffiti Stronghold x 1 – Custom graffiti by Kit Lau himself
  • <<Acid Rain World>> Coffee Cup Set x 2 – Concept product, not for sale
  • <<Acid Rain World>> Whiskey Glass x 3 – Concept product, not for sale

Read more below to get full details on the contest, including info on Star x Star Power and how it works! If you haven’t pre-ordered your Bucks Team fan set yet, there’s still time, so go and get yours to be eligible for this contest!

We’re talking all about it on the Cobra Island Forums, so come join us after the break for discussion already in progress! 

Acid Rain World Bucks Team Establishment Day Celebration – Lucky Draw Star x Star Sweepstakes – Cobra Island

Star x Star Power!
There is strength in numbers! Increase your chances with the “Star x Star” boost! Refer your friends to purchase “The Bucks Team Commemorative Pack” and ask them to input your “Star Code” at the checkout page in the “Company” Field. In addition to the “Star Code(s)” your friend will receive upon purchase, “Star x Star Code(s)” containing your star code and your friend’s star code(s) for each unit he/she purchased will be issued as well. If this “Star x Star Code” is drawn then the both of you shall receive the prize! Meaning if a “Star x Star Code” is drawn for the Stronghold prize, we will give out 2 Strongholds! 1 to each of the holders in the “Star x Star Code”!

1) For those who purchased multiple units in one order, we will issue multiple “Star Codes” corresponding to the number of units ordered. For example, if you purchased 10 packs in a single order with order number AE9999-SP, we will generate 10 “Star Codes” labelled “AE9999-SP1” to “AE9999-SP10” to enter the draw.

2) Each order is eligible for a single referral only. If you wish to input another “Star Code” for a different friend when purchasing multiple units, you will have to make a separate order with the other “Star Code”.

3) Each “Star Code” and “Star x Star Code” is eligible for a single chance in the draw only.

4) Each recipient of a “Star x Star Code” shall receive an extra secret gift.

5) If you are one of the lucky ones drawn on 6th April 2018, you will receive an official email and all you need to do is answer a simple question to claim your reward!

*Aither Entertainment Ltd. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for this event.







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