Acid Rain World OIA: Black Ops – Phantom Team

Acid Rain World OIA: Black Ops – Phantom Team

A new Acid Rain World Backstory is now available for your reading pleasure! This time around, we get the scoop on the Phantom Team. Check it out – 

Phantom Team is directly under the command of the Omanga Intelligence Agency; This black ops unit is assigned to carry out top secret missions involving assassinations, espionage, tactical strikes and inciting civil disorders in enemy territories.

There are multiple teams in the unit, each consisting of four to six members. Only the captain can have knowledge of the contents of each mission, he will be responsible for issuing orders and overseeing the operation personally. Members of the team receive little to no information regarding their mission other than their direct orders and code names of their teammates.

Currently, one such team has been assigned to the desert borders under guise, in an attempt to incite dissension between the soil ghosts and its neighboring countries.

Phantom Team Sets A & B will be available  Nov 2018, so make sure to check with your hobby store for details! What are your thoughts on the Phantom Team? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

Acid Rain World OIA: Black Ops – Phantom Team – Cobra Island

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