Adventure People From Zica Toys Moving Forward With Production

Adventure People From Zica Toys Moving Forward With Production

Good News for those of you that got in on the Adventure People Kickstarter Campaign from Zica Toys. As you may or may not know, word came in that production of the line was being cancelled due to unforeseen issues that the factory where the figures were being produced. For those of you keeping score, this is the same factory producing the Eagle Force Returns line of figures. 

Fast forward to today, where Craig from Zica Toys shared the following details: 

Thanks to a very unexpected turn of events with the factory I’ve luckily been given the opportunity to keep moving forward with production on the new Adventure People line. Initially there were two major issues that I had with the most recent samples, one is that they weren’t scaled correctly, and the other was with poorly designed joints. I won’t go into the specifics but both of these were mistakes made by the factory, who at first was unwilling to fix them without more money. Thankfully, in an effort to build a solid business relationship and do the right thing, they have decided to fix both of these issues at their own expense.

The bad news is that this will obviously cause a further delay, but the good news is that the final product will meet my expectations and hopefully make backers happy after what has been an extremely long and frustrating wait.

Thanks again for your patience!


Now, if you preordered the line via BigBadToyStore, chances are your order was canceled. Not to worry; Craig noted that he believes BBTS is working on reinstating all orders. So sit tight while that process takes place. We’ll keep you posted as more info is received, so make sure to join us after the break to follow the discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums!

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