Apex Action Figure Display Cases at SMALLJOES.COM!

Apex Action Figure Display Cases at SMALLJOES.COM!

Hey folks!  Looking for an awesome way to display your Cobra legions?!  Check out these Apex Display Cases and Stands from SMALLJOES.COM!

SMALLJOES.COM is pleased to announce the APEX Action Figure and Collectibles Display Case!

The bane of every collector’s existence is dust! Dust ruins the look of a displayed collection, and worse, dusting some collectibles is nearly an impossible chore. To avoid this problem in the past the collector was faced with building or buying a custom display for many hundreds of dollars, or buying a bulky curio case or retail display cabinet. None of those solutions are really ideal for efficiently, conveniently display small collectibles such as action figures, scale models, and figurines.

The APEX Display Case brings to the market the first case designed to showcase your collection, dust-free, and conveniently located anywhere you like – for example on a desk or coffee table, in your cubicle at the office, or on a bookshelf.

The APEX Display Case includes three parts: a crystal clear poly-styrene base, a stand, and cover. The cover fits snugly around the base to keep out unwanted dust. The stand is designed to fit neatly inside of the case and to maximize space for display of 3 3/4″ – 4″ (roughly 1:18 scale) action figures, or other figurines and collectibles of similar size.

Case dimensions are 15 3/4″ (width) x 9 5/8″ (height) x 10 3/4″ (depth). More detailed dimension diagrams below.

More features:

  • Stackable
  • Keeps your valuable collection out of the jaws of pets and out of the hands of curious children.
  • Expandable solution – simply buy more cases as your collection grows, and arrange them however you like.
  • Stand can be removed to accommodate larger items for display.
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

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