Articulated Icons Update!

Articulated Icons Update!

The Fwoosh provided more info, regarding the backer kit!

The Backer Kit is Almost Here… and More!


We know it has been a couple of weeks since we last updated you, but there has been a lot happening, and we have some exciting news!

First and foremost – we have been working tirelessly on the Backer Kit set up, and even though we have a LOT of pieces, we are currently finalizing the kit so we can send it out to all of our Backers. The last quality checks are being performed to ensure we have accounted for as many scenarios as possible, but things are looking very good, and we think you will be pleased with the amount of customization that will be offered via the Kit.

To go along with that Backer Kit, once we have the final template is in place, we are going to create an instructional walk-through video to help explain all of the features of the Kit. This way, you can see an example of how to change your pledge level, how to change particular items within your level and/or dollar amount pledged, how to add additional items via the Kit, or all of the above. While the initial Kickstarter pledge format is not particularly specific in terms of the actual items offered, the Backer Kit is, so we want to be as proactive as possible with helping to explain the process. All of our offerings will be made available via the Kit (including the Fwoosh-Exclusive Blue Shinobi), so be ready of a lot of options. Of course, we will be answering questions and sending updates while the Kit is live, but the video should be a nice, and hopefully, helpful, feature.

Look for the Kit to be distributed very soon. Our current goal is to have it done and ready to go by 11/6/2015, but if that changes, we will let you know. Plan on the Kit being available to customize for about three weeks as this will give several days for you to finalize your order, but also keep us inline with our factory and production timelines. We hope this advance warning and time frame will be plenty of time for everyone to make the needed preparations.

Along with our work on the Backer Kit, the good guys at Gentle Giant Studios are hard at work on creating the prototypes for our final three stretch goals: Solitaire, The Temple Guard, and Kickstarter Exclusive Translucent Smoky Ninja. Be on the lookout because we might have some pictures to share of these pieces in the not too distant future!

So, we are working around the clock on keeping everything moving, but get ready, the Backer Kit is coming – start planning now!

Thanks everyone,

Team AI

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