Articulated Icons Update and Preorders

Articulated Icons Update and Preorders

The folks at The Fwoosh sent an update for their Articulated Icons Kickstarter campaign!

Happy New Year, New Pictures and Pre-Orders Are Now Open!

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Happy New Year, Devotees!

As promised in our last communication, we are back after the turn to 2016 with a brief update on production and an exciting announcement!

First and foremost, everything is now in China. What we mean is, the prototypes that were not completed prior to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign were finished early last month, and are now in the Far East with their Iconic brethren. The factory is doing their thing, and the technical side of production has commenced — that is good news! However, there is not really much to speak of past that at the moment. We do not have anything new to show in terms of production status as we are not that far along yet.
We DID take pictures of these new prototype prior to sending them off to the factory, so here is a look at the final paint masters for the Smokey Ninja, Solitaire, and the Temple Guardian:

Please sit tight and be patient with us, we PROMISE we will start showing things as soon as there is something to show, but for now, this will be it for awhile. This is what can be called, in very non-eloquent terms, “pre-pre-production.” Essentially, a lot of careful planning is taking place, but nothing in the order of production samples is being produced yet. The factory is making important preparations, but it might still be a while until we have something physically new to show you.

However, we will keep you up to date on our production cycle and timing as soon as we have a better estimate. Please remember the that Lunar New Year holidays will be beginning soon, so most production movement will stop for a few weeks.

For now, we DO have some good news, though! Are you ready?
Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series is now available for PRE-ORDER! What that means is if you missed out on our Kickstarter campaign, or if you have decided you want to bolster your ranks even more, now you can!

All of our figures (save for the KS-exclusive Smokey Grey Ninja), can now be ordered through our store page, located HERE.

If you are a backer or have been monitoring the Kickstarter campaign, you will notice that while this pre-order will be a part of our FIRST production run, these will be shipping AFTER all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled and shipped. Please note that this is NOT subject to change, so there will likely be a difference of a few of weeks between the end of the KS shipping and the start of the pre-order shipping. We will, of course, have better information about that as we get closer to fulfillment.

So, if you missed out on the Kickstarter, now is the time to order the Feudal Series! We will keep pre-orders open for as long as we can into the production cycle, but we advise that you do not delay in placing an order — we will not have a lot of lead time to announce when pre-orders will end, so it might be abrupt to stay with the production timeline. Don’t miss out again!

Here are a few specific details about the pre-order structure and process:

  • All pre-orders will be charged within 24 hours of the order being placed 
  • The base shipping fee for US is $10, everywhere else is $30. Individual figures shipping prices are listed with the figure and are added to the base shipping fee
  • Pre-orders will be closed for each figure as they are sold out for our initial run (we will be holding some stock for conventions, etc.)
  • If you are an existing Kickstarter backer and want to buy more, you can do so but it will be at the new pricing structure

So, we hope you had great holidays and are ready to build up your armies! We will be back with more regular updates now that we are in the new year, so look for more soon! Thanks for your continued support!

Team AI

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