3DJoes Presents Joes Anatomy Stop Motion Video

A new episode of “Joe’s Anatomy” has been posted by 3DJoes.com to the 3DJoes.com Facebook page 

In this episode of Joes’ Anatomy, a squad of Joes rush to the infirmary of their secret underground headquarters to save one of their fallen comrades….

Joes' Anatomy

In this episode of Joes' Anatomy, a squad of Joes rush to the infirmary of their secret underground headquarters to save one of their fallen comrades….——–­——————————–Written, Produced, and Directed by Carson Mataxis & Joe GoldstonSet design and animation by Joe Goldston (http://toypalace.weebly.com/gi-joe-toys-for-sale.html)Sound design and editing by Carson Mataxis (http://www.3DJoes.com)Voices by:Jad BeanJoe GoldstonCarson MataxisJoy MataxisKevin SilvaGeoff Zeger——–­——————————–This film was shot with a Canon T2i using Dragonframe stop-motion capture software and a lot of patience. The set was constructed from scratch by Joe Goldston. Some props were constructed from scratch (like the vending machines), and the rest were purchased from the Marauder "Gun-Runners" (http://www.marauderinc.com/).——–­——————————–A BIG thank you to Hasbro and Larry Hama, for the countless G.I. Joe memories!Special Thanks toJulian ThompsonJad BeanKevin Silva

Posted by 3DJoes.com – dedicated to preserving the sculpt and package art of GIJoe on Monday, May 14, 2018

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Bill Nedrow’s Full G.I. Joe Novel Collection

Have you picked up the full collection from Bill Nedrow’s G.I. Joe Novel? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

From Bill’s Facebook page:

Something funny happened last night. While I was looking through the Kindle Worlds G.I. Joe Featured list (where my works are three of the top four and seven of the top twelve), I realized that I hadn’t bought one of my novellas! Do you have them all?

Here’s a checklist:

G.I. Joe: First Salvo
G.I. Joe: Honor
G.I. Joe: Body Count
G.I. Joe: Dishonor Thy Father
G.I. Joe Legacy: Stiletto
G.I. Joe: Buzzer
G.I. Joe Contamination Legacy: Sightline

Rush over to Amazon and pick them up before it is too late.


It also appears as though Amazon is offering the Contamination Legacy series as a bundle:

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Boss Fight Studio Teaser

Boss Fight Studio has posted a teaser image on their Facebook Page

No other information was given, but in my opinion, it appears to be based on the “Sam and Max” property, which includes video games, comics and an animated series, my opinion based on the image of Sam’s iconic hat below.

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New Diorama Pieces from Marauder Gun Runners

The good folks at Marauder “Gun Runners” have released some new diorama pieces for you to add to your collection.

Check them out and add them to your diorama setups!

From the Marauder “Gun Runners” Facebook Page:

Hey Folks!
We just added some of the highly requested PTE diorama accessories to the site! The Contoured Battle Map with Vehicles, the Deluxe 6 Slot Rifle Rack (works with 1:18 AND 1:12 scale weapons) and the Military Surveillance Drone Aircraft are available. So if you need some accessories to finish off that diorama, please check them out!


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Only 24 Hours Left to back “Mighty Steeds” Kickstarter by Boss Fight Studios

There are only 24 hours left to back the “Mighty Steeds” Kickstarter by Boss Fight Studios.

Featuring 1:18 scale articulated Horses, the “Mighty Steeds” Kickstarter is close to unlocking more stretch goals. The project has been fully funded, however several stretch goals still remain. There are only 24 hours to go to back this project before it’s all over.

Those who back the project will be the first to receive the product upon release.

You can check out the Kickstareter and back it here: Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. 1:18 Articulated Horses by Boss Fight

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson may reprise the role of Roadblock in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Ever Vigilant

According to a story on ComicBookMovie.com, it seems Paramount Pictures is very interested in having Dwayne Johnson reprise his role of “Roadblock” in the newly titled 3rd G.I. Joe Movie “Ever Vigilant.” 

Word was that G.I.Joe 3 was going to be a reboot, but if this news pans out, it looks like things may have changed behind the scenes a bit. We’ll keep you posted as more details are received, but for now, join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress. 

Special Thanks to our own wnbr for the heads up! 

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The Art of George Vega

George Vega Art has shared some wonderful images with us. First up is a gallery of his personal project, G.I. Joe Redesigns. Rebooting his favorite G.I. Joe and Cobra characters. You can check them out here: G.I. Joe Redesigns. For Sale are some awesome drawings, including the Cobra Eel and G.I. Joe Shipwreck below.

I bought some wonderful prints from George at the East Coast Comic Con this past weekend. You can purchase art directly from his Etsy Store here.

You can check out George Vega Art on Facebook here. You can discuss this in our forums here.

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Joe Declassified Update

Joe Declassified shared their latest update.

Hi everyone! The 2018 International GI Joe Convention is rapidly approaching and we are preparing for the show, which includes everything that comes along with it; namely the booths, panels, and the giveaway.

The money donated over the years has helped in various ways:
– Helped with booth fees for GI Joe con, Assembly Required, Coil Con, and RORC.
– Nine issues of The Declassified Report magazine.
– O-ring Sightline figure with file card.
– Allowed us to bring special guests Mark Pennington and Bill Merklein to Joe Con.
– Booth display cases.
– Shipping fees for delivery of museum pieces to Joe Con.
– Printing of the banners and flyers.

No money raised through donations go to Declassified staff or volunteers, but is put into the booths at the various conventions we attend.

Joe Declassified is a 100% crowd-sourced, 501(c) Non-Profit. Everything we do is either out of our own pocket or through your support. Coming to our booth at Joe Con is free, looking at the items we’ve got on display is free, and our annual give away is free to the community.

But like everything else in life, these things have a monetary cost. Joe Declassified has to pay for the booths at Joe Con, buy, rent, or transport cases, and pay to create the great items we give away at the booth.

This year we are approximately $2,000 short of where we need to be to put on the best display possible and to finance this years give away. So, as Joe Con approaches, we humbly ask for your support. If you are able to contribute, we would certainly appreciate your donation.

Joe Declassified is 100% not-for-profit and we are committed to 100% transparency with any and all donations. Every dollar we spend is 100% dedicated to the GI JOE community at large, meaning that our staff is made up 100% of unpaid volunteers.

GI JOE fans the world round often ask how they can contribute to Declassified and this is just one of the many ways. So if you’d like to help out, every dollar counts, literally. Every little bit helps us to deliver the presentations, media, and museum-quality displays you’ve come to expect from Joe Declassified.

We thank you for your consideration, support, and friendship, even if you cannot or do not donate.

Joe Declassified will always do our absolute best to bring you the best content possible and strive to give GI JOE and its history, back to you, the community.

Please donate to Joe Declassifed TODAY! You may send donations through paypal to: dan@musickcpa.com.

Thank you again and we’ll see you Joe Con!

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