Marauder Task Force Valkyries Sierra Ops Review

Another JoeCon exclusive from Marauder “Gun Runners”, the Valkyries Sierra-Ops figure.

Coming in a Dark Tan & Black color scheme, I was able to get three of them thanks to a friend attending the con.

2018-07-10 00.41.27

The Sierra-Ops figure comes with a smaller load out than the other two sets of exclusives, and this one is also limited to the female only, where the other two (Kronos-Ops and Ambush-Ops) have male counterparts.

The accessories include an unmasked black haired head, baseball cap, scarf, goggles, a vest, backpack, knife with sheathe and various pouches.

2018-07-10 00.42.10

2018-07-10 00.42.13

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JLW515 Custom Snake Eyes

JLW515 Customs stopped by to show us another awesome custom in his G.I. Joe Revisited series for us to see on our forums.

This one is one guy everyone knows, Snake Eyes. This is based on his original “commando” look with a twist.

Alright, well, been busy for the past couple of weeks. Here is my custom “Class of 1982” Snake Eyes.

I really like the whole “Commando” side of SE better than the “Ninja” aspect. I like to think that his ninja training takes a back seat to his military training. There was a Marvel issue where Hawk is depicted with a black shirt and green pants. I always thought this would be a cool look for SE sort of blending both his ninja and commando together (“I’m a little bit country; I’m a little bit rock-n-roll”).

The lighting kind of sucks on this picture, but I painted the legs of Retaliation Dojo Snake Eyes. I based the camo pattern off of a 1980s Army camo uniform. I just free-hand painted the three colors (green, brown, tan) layered over each other.

I gave him Resolute Beach Head’s web gear with a second knife, again channeling that ninja aspect more to a military style, and a Valor v Venom UZI because I like the folding stock.

I do have a second version of this style of SE that I need to photograph that has the black, ribbed shirt with MTF Spec-Ops pants.

You can check out the rest of the pictures and let JLW515 know what you think by visiting the thread on our forums here.

Don’t forget to check out all his customs on his blog G.I. Joe Revisited.

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Marauder Task Force Kronos Ops Review

Here we have the JoeCon exclusive Kronos-Ops from Marauder “Gun Runners” in their Marauder Task Force line.

A friend was able to get me two each of the Male and Female Kronos-Ops

The Male Kronos-Ops come with four vests, an ammo bandoleer, one breather mask head, an assortment of hats and helmets, and a bunch of other smaller accessories that all plug into the ports on the figure, just as any standard Marauder Task Force does. Everything is in a chrome silver scheme.




The Marauder Team were also nice enough to throw in a package of alternate heads, goggles and visors.


The Female Kronos-Ops come with three vests, three backpacks, one set of lower leg armor, a bandoleer, a satchel, one masked head, an assortment of hats and helmets as well as plenty of other gear to plug into the modular holes in the figure and equipment, also all in a chrome silver scheme.





All in all, these are a fantastic addition to my growing Marauder Task Force Army. I’ll be posting a picture review tomorrow of another set of the JoeCon Exclusive Marauder Task Force figures.

You can discuss this by visiting the thread on our forums here

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Toys Gone Wild Polar Battle Bear Review by Michael Mercy

Our friend Michael Mercy has uploaded a brand new Toys Gone Wild video featuring a review of the G.I. Joe Polar Battle Bear, both Vintage and Modern.

You can check out the review on YouTube here and click the name above to visit his channel. Stop by and leave a like if you enjoyed the video and let him know in the comments!

You can also talk about this video in our forum here

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The End of Toys R Us

Today the sun finally sets on Toys R Us stores across the United States, as they close their doors for the final time.

It’s sad to say a final goodbye to the store that was such a huge influence in the lives of so many children who grew up to be collectors like us. Then you also realize that the next generations will not have that feeling of pure joy as they won’t be walking into a Toys R Us store in their lives.

Share with us your thoughts and feelings, both in the comments, and in our forum here

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Marauder Task Force Novel From Bill Nedrow

Coming soon from author Bill Nedrow is a novel based on the Marauder Task Force action figures. Bill posted an update which can be read below: In case you hadn’t heard the news: Official Release: During the JoeCon 2018 Kindle Worlds Author Panel, it was announced that Bill Nedrow will be responsible for writing a … Read moreMarauder Task Force Novel From Bill Nedrow

Larry Hama Action Figure Update

Fresh Monkey Fiction have sent out a new update regarding the Larry Hama Action Figure on Kickstarter.

From the update:

Hey Everyone!

We did a few minor touch ups to the Larry Hama paint master and had him displayed at Joe Con last weekend along with our Eagle Force Returns figures. Thanks to Justin Bell at GeneralsJoes for the images.

He’ll come back to us, then it’s off to the factory so they can work on the paint sample.

As always we’ll keep you updated as we move forward.

Thanks again everyone!


Did you back the Larry Hama Action Figure Kickstarter? Let us know on the forums!

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