“The Toys That Made Us” Premieres next month on Netflix

The upcoming show “The Toys That Made Us ” will start airing its first season on Netflix on December 22nd, 2017.

The Toys That Made Us” focuses on the toys we grew up loving, including G.I. Joe. 

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We’re talking about it on the Cobra Island Forums, so come join us!

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Review of “Marauder Task Force” Figures

Today at the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Marauder Gun Runners had a booth set up showing off and selling their new “Marauder Task Force” line of 3 3/4″ Action Figures.

I picked up four sets. Normally on their website, you would pick a body, and customize as you see fit with heads, weapons, gear, etc. Today at the show, they had prepackaged sets of the different colors (Black, Blue, Red, White, Dark Green, Camo and Tan).

I picked up one each of the Dark Green, Red, White, and Tan, of which I’ll be giving you my honest opinions of below.

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3DJoes Presents The 1989 G.I.Joe Crusader Space Shuttle With Avenger Scout Craft!

3DJOES has added another fantastic vehicle to their G.I.Joe A Real American Hero catalog! This time around, the 1989 G.I.Joe Crusader Space Shuttle & the Avenger Scout Craft get the 3DJOES treatment! The G.I.Joe Crusader is a re-release of two fan favorite vehicles in one – The 1987 Defiant Space Shuttle is now the Crusader. The 1986 Cobra Night Raven … Read more

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