Black Major Cobra Blue Night Viper Gallery!!

We continue our Black Major review galleries this week with a look at another recent release, the Royal Blue Night Viper! This Classic Cobra Commander Blue version the Cobra Night Fighter blends right in and is the perfect attachment of troops to escort Cobra Commander We’ve shared a gallery of over 30 images that you can check out by reading more below. 

All this week we’ll be focusing on the remaining incarnations of the much loved Night Viper currently available to the public. In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product on the shelf, The Major continues to keep excitement alive and the fan base enthused with his 3 3/4 0-ring ARAH Style offerings! Read more below to check out our full gallery of this awesome Cobra troop builder, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums to share your thoughts with us! 

Royal Cobra Blue Night Viper Review Gallery – Cobra Island Forums

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