Black Major Midnight Brigade & Cobra Steel Shadows Review Gallery

Black Major Midnight Brigade & Cobra Steel Shadows Review Gallery

We are continuing our coverage of the elusive Black Major and his latest release to the public. In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product some would even say that his line of unique custom reproduction figures are keeping excitement alive and it’s base enthused. The Island salutes the Black Major and offers this gallery of one of his latest creations for your Enjoyment!

Steel Brigade: Midnight Brigade & Cobra Steel Shadows!


The Steel Brigade is the Elite Ranks and specialized divisions of the Joes Infantry, and it was only a matter of time before Cobra attempted to match their skills within their own ranks offering high dollar to defectors and the dishonorably discharged! Today we look over the smooth Black deco of the Steel Brigades: Midnight Brigade and their counterparts, the Cobra Steel Shadows.

Each Trooper includes 2 optional chests (VA Airborne & VB Duke) 2 Weapons, the XM-16 Attack Rifle and the M-203 Attack Rifle w/ Grenade Launcher and Bayonet and a Back Pack.


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All figures showcased this week are currently available to the public via our good friend Kevin Melton, so if you’d like to add this figure to your collection, contact him on FaceBook, reach out to him on Instagram or just do some old fashioned shopping through his
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