Black Major StarDuster Week! Spotlight – Winter Ops

Black Major StarDuster Week! Spotlight – Winter Ops

We are proud to continue our legacy of love for all things Black Major and his latest releases to the public. This week we are focusing on the 2017 production of the beautiful StarDuster variants. Delivered to us by friend to the Island and all, the great Kevin Melton @EvolvingDoorToys In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product unique custom reproduction figures are keeping excitement alive and it’s base enthused and the Major is not only leading the way but also the benchmark. The Island salutes the Black Major and all of his Comrades in Arms who help make these toys a reality and help bring them to our collections! We offer this gallery of one of his latest creations for your Enjoyment!

StarDuster: Winter Ops!!

StarDuster Review

StarDuster will always be yet another Holy Grail to many Joe collectors of the classic ARAH line. Thankfully for those of us who love the character, want to fill that gap in their collection or who just want to army build we can all thanks to the Major! Besides the obvious color variations and subset team themes available, some easily noticeable changes have been made to assist collectors from telling the difference with just a little bit of research and investigation. Among those are slightly different color pallets, minor changes in paint applications on torso, waist, and head, reversed arm rivets and of course the Black Major stamp which on this wave of Star Dusters is the production year of “2017”.

Those Arctic guys never get enough credit. All the other specialized units get cool Regiment names like Tiger Force and Night Force and Eco Wa… well I guess not all of them. The 2005 release of the TRU Winter Operations 6 pack was the first real time we were able to group all of our favorite frostbitten Joes under one banner. StarDuster filling out this group only helps to add to their street cred. The grays really stand out among the rest of the pack but complimented by the frosty white accessories it makes him mesh right in with the rest of the group!   

The Dusters are sold with the option between 2 chest plates (VA Recondo & VB Duke) 2 Weapons, the XM-76 Grenade Launcher and the JUMP set. Trademark Helmet and Visor are also included. I do want to remind everyone that these are new crisp figures and accessories, so if something is stiff remember don’t force, use the hot water or hair dryer techniques to soften things up. Keep this in mind when working with thumbs, visors, and JUMP pack hoses.

One thing that Kevin Melton @EvolvingDoorToys really wanted to let any potential customers know is the small changes in production between the last wave of StarDusters and the new releases of the Winter Ops, Inferno and Red Shadows. As you’ll notice in the picture below some parts have layered paint which can chip so handle with that in mind. The other is that a different plastic was used in these separate runs. While this doesn’t take away from the deco of a amazing figure, if ordering new and previous waves figures together you will notice a difference.

StarDuster Gallery

More Details!

All figures showcased this week are currently available to the public via our good friend Kevin Melton, so if you’d like to add this figure to your collection, contact him on FaceBook, reach out to him on EvolvingDoorToys Instagram or just do some old fashioned shopping through his
EvolvingDoorToys Ebay Store

When you are done browsing the Gallery and Sending Kevin your requests hop on to the CobraIsland Forums and Sound Off!

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