Black Major Techno Trooper and Techno Officer Review Gallery

Black Major Techno Trooper and Techno Officer Review Gallery

We continue our Black Major review galleries this week with a look at another set of recent releases, this time focused on the Trooper mold. Our next in the series is a special two for Tuesday treat, as we take a closer look at the Techno Trooper and Techno Officer! 

When Techno-Vipers are called on a seemingly impossible mission to provide maintenance, the Techno-Troopers are sent in first to secure the area and to provide cover for the Techno-Vipers. They then serve to provide technical support to the platoon. In most instances it is the duty of the Techno Officer to extract personal and/or valuable Top Secret equipment or intel at all costs. Never have they allowed these items to fall into enemy hands. The Techno Troopers are used mostly as grunts to carry all sorts of equipment and assist in repairs. Their true purpose is to be decoys and cannon fodder, pawns used to ensure that the Techno-Vipers are successful even at the cost of their very lives. 

Both the Techno Trooper and Techno Officer come with a weapon, back pack and figure stand.  They also include an amazing full color character art card backs by Kraken Kards! We’ve shared a gallery of over 50 images that you can feast your eyes on by reading more below. 

All this week we’ll be focusing on the re-imagined incarnations of the much loved trooper. All figures showcased this week are currently available to the public via our good friend Brian Kossin, so if you’d like to add these figures to your collection, make sure to hit him up!

In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product on the shelf, The Major continues to keep excitement alive and the fan base enthused with his 3 3/4 0-ring ARAH Style offerings! Read more below to check out our full gallery of this awesome Cobra troop builder, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums to share your thoughts with us! 

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