Boss Fight Studio Articulated Horses Backerkit Now Live

Boss Fight Studio Articulated Horses Backerkit Now Live

Check those E-Mails! The Boss Fight Studio Backerkit is now live.

If you backed their Kickstarter Campaign, then you should have received an E-Mail with a link to fill out your Backerkit Survey.

That’s not all though, all throughout the BackerKit, you can add more items to your pledge, and there are BackerKit Stretch Goals to unlock!

From Boss Fight:

Everyone should receive their surveys today! If you do not receive one, make sure you check your spam and trash folders.

As of the full launch of the BackerKit, our total funding is $198,627. Don’t forget that we are applying new funding to the remaining unlocked goals from the Kickstarter.

That means that Kawiki and the Elven Tack Kit will be unlocking at $210,000!

Thank you so much to the backers who received the early surveys and helped us iron out the final kinks.

Please let us know if you have any issues as you complete your surveys!

Boss Fight!

In another E-Mail update, we’ve learned how far into the Stretch Goals we already are.

Boss Fight:

Clipping Right Along
Posted by Boss Fight Studio (Creator)
Hey gang! The Backer Kit has only been live for a few hours and we are already making some good progress.

We are pleased to report, that as of this update, we are just over $205,000!

That means we are only $5000 from unlocking Kawiki and the Elven Tack Kit!

Keep an eye out for further updates! We’ll keep sending them out everyday and as we reach benchmarks and unlocks!

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