Boss Fight Studio’s Sakura Elven Assassin, Cerisier is now available!

Our friends from Boss Fight Studio have just launched a new web store exclusive; Check out the Sakura Elven Assassin, Cerisier! Read on for details from BFS below – 

​Hey, Boss Fighters! We know you’ve had a long week and wanted to give you a bit of a surprise! Starting at midnight (EST) tonight, we’ll be offering for sale and immediate shipment, Sakura Elven Assassin, Cerisier! She is currently exclusive to our webstore. Get her while supplies last! Along with Cerisier, we are also happy to announce that we will be launching the sale of our individual blind bags to our store. Add a few to your purchase and see how much fun they are!

Guardians of the Elven Queen, members of this elite corps of archers bathe daily in dark ink, to maintain the gray color of their skin. Taking their orders directly from Queen Solan, they are her protectors and personal assassins. As a part of their duties to the queen, they take on an oath of silence. Their voices are removed permanently and irreversibly, using a magical spell. Their eyes have been altered so that they can see in pitch blackness. Moving undetectably and noiselessly, their natural home is in the dark. The last thing many an enemy of the Elves has felt is the cold blade of a Sakura Elf, silently draining their life away.” Across a new world the battle for the ages continues to rage.

Valiant knights stride across the land. Elves stalk the woodland realms. Magic is shaped and shifted into powerful spells and creatures. Dragons cut through the sky bringing fear and awe, and always, the war drums of the Orc conquerors beat.

Take up sword and shield, bow and arrow, or spell and staff and relive the gruesome conflict with the fantasy figures from Series 2, then use the amazing H.A.C.K.S. system to mix, match and make your own! 

Includes blister-carded 4″ Action Figure with accessories & a Boss Fight Figure Stand.

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 15 and up. Contain functional sharp points & small parts.


We’ve shared a gallery of this awesome new warrior that you can check out by reading on. Will you be adding this awesome new Boss Fight figure to your collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

Boss Fight Studio’s Sakura Elven Assassin, Cerisier – Cobra Island Forums 

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