“The Toys That Made Us” Premieres next month on Netflix

The upcoming show “The Toys That Made Us ” will start airing its first season on Netflix on December 22nd, 2017.

The Toys That Made Us” focuses on the toys we grew up loving, including G.I. Joe. 

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We’re talking about it on the Cobra Island Forums, so come join us!

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Dynamic Attractions Wins Brass Ring Award for Best New Product for a Major Attraction/Ride

Thanks to Marcel Santos for sharing word that Dynamic Attractions, the outfit behind the upcoming G.I.Joe ride, have won Best New Product/Concept at IAAPA 2017! On behalf of all of us here at CobraIsland.com, we’d like to offer a heartfelt congratulations on the achievement! It’s rare that so many G.I.Joe fans are on the same page at the same time, but it goes without saying that everyone is beyond excited for this! 

Marcel shared a grouping of new images that we’ve mirrored below for your viewing pleasure, so make sure to read more to check them out. We’ll continue to bring you news on this new ride as it becomes available, so make sure to keep it locked on the Cobra Island Forums for more! Congrats once again to the Marcel & Team! 

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Hasbro and Toys for Tots Kick Off New Holiday Season Campaign

The fine folks at Hasbro want everyone to this holiday season. Hasbro will donate up to 1M toys and games for every donation made to Toys for Tots! For every toy or game you donate this holiday season, Hasbro will match your donation, with up to 1 Million gifts being given away to those in need. 

Next time you’re out on the hunt, make sure to pick up an extra item or two (if you can, of course), and drop them off at any Toys for Tots station, where proud members of the United States Marine Corps will ensure that your donation puts a smile on a kid’s face this Christmas. 

An official press release was shared that we’ve mirrored below, so make sure to read more to check it out. Let’s all do what we can and make this holiday season a special one for every kid out there! 

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More Dynamic Attractions G.I.Joe Ride Coverage From 2nd Star Productions

More images have come in from 2ndStarProductions, showcasing the aerial coverage they’ve provided of Dynamic Attractions new G.I.Joe Ride. On of the latest images show both teams standing in front of the “Dark Ride” Vehicle (that’s the one that looks similar to a VAMP on the left) and a seriously impressive 1:1 scale H.I.S.S. Tank on the right. Here’s the scoop shared by 2SP – 

Screen grab from my @3drobotics SOLO drone during our shoot with Dynamic Attractions for their new G.I. Joe themed dark ride vehicle. Such a great team! Loved working with them and can’t wait to see this ride in a theme park! #productionlife #gijoe #cobra #iaapa2017

Our friend Skinny not only gave us a heads up on the new post, but also shared another image of both vehicles from the initial Dynamic Attractions presentation that shows folks riding in the HISS! If that’s a possibility, then this ride is shaping up to be cooler by the minute! 

Make sure to join us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion already in progress!

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2nd Star Productions Shares Image of 1:1 Scale H.I.S.S. Tank From Upcoming Ride

Earlier this week, we shared news with you pertaining to a new G.I.Joe Ride revealed by Dynamic Attractions at IAAPA 2017. Named “G.I.Joe vs Cobra – The Experience”, the ride takes you through the Temple of the Forbidden Snake on a ride like you’ve never seen before. 

Yesterday via Instagram, 2nd Star Productions shared this fantastic image of a 1:1 Scale Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank, alongside Cobra Commander and the Baroness with notes hinting that this is part of the aforementioned ride! Check it out – 

At Second Star Productions, we love what we do all the time, but days like today take that to the next level. I’ve been collecting G.I. Joe since I was 5, so to get paid to fly a drone over a test course built for the first ever G.I. Joe themed ride vehicle for a new and top secret attraction coming to a theme park near you! #productionlife #gijoe #cosplay #cobra

This ride is shaping up to be all sorts of awesome! Make sure to join us for ongoing discussion on the Cobra Island Forums. Special thanks to our friend Skinny for the heads up! 

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Dynamic Attractions Reveals G.I.Joe vs Cobra Amusement Ride at IAAPA 2017

Earlier today, Dynamic Attractions officially teased an upcoming G.I. Joe vs. Cobra ride at IAAPA 2017. Yes, you read that right! A G.I.Joe vs Cobra Ride! Named “G.I.Joe vs Cobra – The Experience”, the ride takes you through the Temple of the Forbidden Snake on a ride like you’ve never seen before. The best part? Your ride kinda/sorta looks like a VAMP! 

The Dynamic All-Terrain Dark Ride is a trackless, indoor/outdoor dark ride vehicle that breaks boundaries. By breaking boundaries, this attraction actually breaks them as it is completely trackless. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t take a turn driving it. The Dynamic All-Terrain Dark Ride is the first dark ride that will allow guests to seemingly go anywhere they steer. “In the military world, they call this ‘Fly by Wire’,” explains Haimson. “However, if they come close to another vehicle, wall or obstacle, the system will safely and thematically take control.”

We’ve shared a small gallery of images along with a video of the ride in action that you can check out by reading more below. What are your initial thoughts? Is the G.I.Joe vs Cobra Experience something you’d like to check out? Share your thoughts with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Cobra Island Salutes Those That Have Served

To all those who have, and continue to serve their country in the name of freedom, we thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

While only one day of the year is dedicated solely to honoring our veterans, Americans must never forget the sacrifices that many of our fellow countrymen have made to defend our country and protect our freedoms.  – Randy Neugebauer

From all us here on CobraIsland.com, to all of you, Thank you! 

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It’s Action Time – Gaelstone Media Group Presents Action Mice

It’s Saturday morning, so what better time than now to discuss cartoons! If you crossed G.I.Joe® and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® you’d get ACTION MICE, a specialized military task force of battle-hardened mice with one single goal; to combat the increasing onslaught of the Iron Weasels. The world needs new tiny heroes, and the ACTION MICE are here!

CobraIsland.com was fortunate enough to have a chance to speak to Mr. J. Robert Bryans, the C.E.O. of Gaelstone Media Group, the powerhouse behind the new (soon to be) hit series, Action Mice! Mr. Bryans took the time to answer a wide assortment of questions on this new series that we’ve collected for you below, including a gallery of images from the hit new program. 

Who are the Action Mice? Who are the Iron Weasels? What can we expect from this new series? The answers to these questions and a lot more can be found by reading more below! So go grab that cup of Joe, get comfy and come immerse yourself in the Action Mice World with us! Want to get in on the discussion already in progress? We’ve got you covered there, too! Join us after the break for more on the Cobra Island Forums

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Toys’R’Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection


Although the writing has been on the wall for years, recent days brought word that Toys’R’Us was considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Last night, word came through that this decision has been finalized. From Bloomberg:

Toys “R” Us Inc., the once-dominant specialty retailer and ultimate toyland for a generation of post-war baby boomers, filed for bankruptcy thanks to a crushing debt load from a previous buyout and relentless competition from warehouse and online retailers.

The bankruptcy filing is the latest blow to a brick-and-mortar retail industry reeling from store closures, sluggish mall traffic and the gravitational pull of Amazon.com Inc., which has revolutionized the way people consume with affordable online offerings and global home delivery service.

A dozen-plus major retailers have filed for creditor protection this year, including Payless Inc., Gymboree Corp. and Perfumania Holdings Inc., all of which are using the Chapter 11 process to close underperforming stores and expand online operations.

What will the future hold for TRU after this financial restructuring? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts on the filing? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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