Custom MTF Style Marvel Taskmaster By TR1ER

Check out this killer Taskmaster custom made by TR1ER, better known around the ‘net as Marauder Ruben! Here’s a bit of background on this awesome custom creation –

Now I know why my son was digging through my parts. He wanted to make a MTF Taskmaster.

All the parts selection and bash by my Son , all of the work done by me. duh.

Just goes to show how versatile the MTF bucks are. Does this make you want to create a Taskmaster of your own? Have you already created one? Sound off on the Cobra Island Dreadnok Chop Shop Forums!

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Female Tele-Viper by ska_lives

Our very own ska_lives posted his custom female Tele-Viper figure!  Here’s what he had to say about the figure!

I got a few kits from angelforge a while back and finally got around to finishing up one of them. I have 0 modern televipers, and thus I decided to make one. The female TV kit is very nice and I recommend it. My only complaint is that the upper torso is very wide when viewed from the side and makes her look funny when using feminine arms. Instead I mixed male and female arms to make something that looked more sensible. I’d have to say that my favorite part of making this figure was the nifty translucent look I got on the visor. The only other thing I can say is that she is sorely under-equipped and that I hope to find some more accessories for her on the future.
I hope you dig it!

Be sure to check out ska_lives’ female Tele-Viper in the Dreadnok Chop Shop, and let him know what you think of this awesome figure!

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Dutch by ska_lives

This is one that’s sure to have you yelling “Get to da choppa!”  ska_lives shared his custom figure of Alan ” Dutch” Schaefer from Predator!

So this was originally to be an entry into the 3rd quarter contest over at OG13, but some parts did not arrive in time. Thus he was entered into the 4th quarter contest and I luckily took home the prize! He was a simple build and most of the work came from the paint apps and the knife sheath.

that being said, enjoy and let me know what you think!

head – cast received in trade
body – 50th Gung-ho w/ sculpted sheath

knife -fodder
m-16 – DG Duke w/ grenade launcher from ret lady jaye rifle

Be sure to check out more pics in ska_lives’ custom Dutch discussion!

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Duke by ska_lives

ska_lives stopped by to share his 50th Anniversary Duke figure with us!

I wanted to do a nice upgrade of Duke to fit in with the 50th line, so I took a little inspiration from some customs I had seen by Marine-73 and Ozzie92 to name a few. From there it was just a matter of making things fit and painting him up! This figure was fun to make and came together nicely IMO. I hope you guys dig it! Let me know what you think!

head – Ren. Duke
torso – Ret. 3pk Firefly
arms – Ret. Mouse
hands – 50th Beachhead
legs – 50th lady jaye

bp – 50th hit and run
rifle – poc shock trooper
gun belt – poc hawk
pistol – mu ultimat cap
bandolier – joe con zombie steel brigade

Be sure to let ska_lives know what you think of this awesome figure in his custom 50th Anniversary Duke discussion!

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Custom Storm Shadow by ska_lives

The hits keep coming from ska_lives!  His latest figure is a fresh look at the G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Storm Shadow!

I finally got around to finishing this guy. I have had this figure sorted and ready for months, but I was just too lazy to finish some of the smaller bits of finishing to call him complete. Finally, however, I have.
I decided to actually tie my own Alpine harness using book binding thread instead of painting the plastic one that comes with the figure. Afterwards I painted the wooden shin guards as I have in the past to make them look more like wood. The rest was just painting some details to match, and stringing the bow.
I made this head and hood combo way back during the summer, and had been painting up a scratch built body for it, however, even using krylon fusion on the body for a nice even white, it wasnt adhering, so I put him on the back burner until the 50th model dropped. Once that happened, I just moved my work over to its core build.
Since this is going into my personal collection, I doubt ill go back and touch up some of the grey paint on the hood, but if I were to put it on the market I do need to make it a bit more even in tone.

Anywho, I hope you dig the changes.

Head: Ret. Ult Storm Shadow
Body: 50th Storm Shadow

Hood: Resolute Storm Shadow
BP: 50th Storm Shadow
Sword: DG Storm Shadow
Bow: 50th Storm Shadow w/ string
Arrow: 50th Storm Shadow
Climbing Axe: 50th Snow Job
Claw: 50th Storm Shadow
Misc Ninja Accessories (not pictured (in BP)): Ret. Ult. Storm Shadow
Alpine Rope Coil: Book Binding Thread
pouches: ROC Red Ninja harness

Be sure to check out more photos of the Storm Shadow and let ska_lives know what you think in the Storm Shadow discussion!

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Joel from The Last of Us by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted his custom Joel figure from The Last of Us!

So, I had this guy pieced together for a LONG time, and finally came across the parts to finish him up. The Last of Us is a pretty awesome and gritty game, and the characters look like theyve been drug through everything. I mean they have to go up against Zombies created by a crazy fungus. It is a great post apocalyptic Zombie game.

Joel is the main character from the game, and he is a pretty cool character. I need to make a couple tiny items, like bricks and a 2×4 for him.

I dabbled with a lot of washes, dry brushing, and weathering with this custom. I am pretty happy with it.

Check out more pics in the Joel from The Last of Us discussion!

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Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted images of his custom Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV!

My second entry into Allstars was built off of a project that I started a solid 4 years ago. I took a beater Swampsmasher and Ferret and combined them into a vehicle that looks a bit more sensible…or as sensible as a GIGANTIC gun on a 4-wheeler can look!
Before I submitted it, I thought it needed a driver so I made a simple quasi-Clutch inspired figure. If I were too, I may go back and sculpt some hair that is a bit more substantial on his head. I do like the amalgam helmet and goggles that I made though.
Hope you guys dig it, because I am super proud of the vehicles and the waterslides I made of the original masher sticker sheet.

Be sure to check out more pics of ska’s Short Track and Swampsmasher ATV!

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50th Anniversary Cutter by ska_lives!

ska_lives posted images of his custom 50th Anniversary Cutter figure!

So I made this for the GI Joe ALL Stars project that Icecreamman put on at multiple forums. I made the waterslides for it myself. They have some issues, but for a first go Im pretty happy with them. Next time Ill have to adjust resolution and color levels so that they do not fade or lose sharpness (like the red sox logo on his hat).
Anywho, enjoy!

Let ska know what you think in his 50th Anniversary Cutter discussion thread!

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50th Bazooka Trooper!

ska_lives does it again!  Check out this awesome 50th Anniversary Bazooka Trooper!

Hey fellas! Its been a bit eh? Well Ive been out of the loop custom-wise for a bit because I moved to the greater DC area at the end of the summer. Needless to say its taken a good while to get settled. Ive got a few things to show everyone, but here is the first…

SO this is just a quick fix custom Ive wanted to do for a good while now. Thanks to DW and nabbing a few 25th ‘Zook troops off of him, I was able to make one with an extra 50th Trooper. Also, some may like to point out that the namesake is incorrect due to the use of an RPG as opposed to a Bazooka, but I do like the RPG’s aesthetic and it keeps true to the 25th figure that its based on.
Anywho, this custom is very simple but I dig it, and I hope you guys do too!

Check out more pics in ska_lives’ 50th Anniversary Bazooka Trooper discussion!

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Cobra Stickers Officially Announces Moving in With Toy Hax!

When asked about the move, Toy Hax had this to say:

My last room mate was terrible!  He left his dishes in the sink for weeks!  We had a ton of flies!  Cobra Stickers is great about getting that stuff done, and he’s conscious about not making a mess!

But seriously, here’s the official announcement:

We are up and running! is fully moved into our new website at All the same products you’ve grown to love and some new ones are now available for order. Please note that our clients will have to create a new profile/user account on the new site. Cobrastickers is now on Facebook! Check us out and join the group. Our full customer photo library has been added. Now you can add your own custom photos to the FB page. Thank you to all our clients for continuing to support us through the change.

The CS team.

Check out the Cobra Stickers storefront on Toy Hax!

Cobra Stickers discussion!

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