Marauder Gun Runners Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Update

The Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops Kickstarter Campaign has only 36 hours left to go and is blowing through stretch goals left & right, with less than $5K to go before the next is unlocked! The latest additions that have been unlocked include – 

  • Marauder Task Force White with Black Female GHOST-OPS Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force Assault Ops Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force 650 Backers Rescue-Ops Red & White Female Valkyries
  • Marauder Task Force Gray K9 Military Dog Unit

Our friends from Marauder Inc. also shared a detailed gallery of the K9 Unit, showcasing all of it’s awesome articulation! With less than 2 days to go, there’s no time like the present to get your pledge in and join the Marauder Task Force! What are your thoughts on these latest unlocked offerings? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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Eagle Force Returns Shattered Peace Page 14 Now Available

The latest page from the Eagle Force Returns web comic, Shattered Peace, is now available for your reading pleasure! 

Rescue efforts are underway at the U.N. after the attack by R.I.O.T. Goldie Hawk  knows the threat that’s on the horizon…how will General Brown respond?

Eagle Force Returns: “Shattered Peace” Page 14 was written by Justin Bell and Illustrated by Ryan Lord. New page every Wednesday. What’s your take on this latest page reveal? Join us for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island forums

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Action Mice Headquarters Sneak Peek and New Iron Weasels Character Reveal

There’s a couple of awesome Action Mice updates to share with you this morning, so let’s get right to it! 

First up, there’s yet another new Iron Weasels character reveal! Check out #DoctorCheesebrain‘s sidekick, #Z3U5, better known as Zeus! He’s a failed part of #SimianSquad

Next up, we get a sneak peek at the possible design for the Action Mice Headquarters! This base looks MASSIVE and it’s not even done yet! 

What’s your take on these latest Action Mice Reveals? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

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Action Mice Iron Weasels Character Reveal – Doctor Cheesebrain

Today via the official Action Mice Facebook Page came a new Evil Iron Weasel character reveal! Feast your eyes on Doctor Cheesebrain, Mad Genius and Inventor! He is currently at large, so the Action Mice better watch out! 

We’ll be bringing you a lot more content from this awesome new line coming from Gaelstone Media Group, so keep it locked on the Cobra Island Forums for more Action Mice!

#ActionMice #ItsActionTime

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Eagle Force Returns Wave 1 Card Art Now Available

The Eagle Force Returns Facebook Page has shared our first look at the card art for Eagle Force Returns wave 1 by Steven Butler Studios, Designed by Jason Bienvenu and Colored by Marcie Klinger. Each wave will have 8 characters. Wave 1 is set to include: 

  • Captain Eagle
  • The Cat
  • Stryker Jr. 
  • Eagle Force Trooper
  • R.I.O.T. Shock Trooper
  • Firebug
  • Fireball
  • R.I.O.T. Commando

Eagle Force will be invading our collections in just a few months! Are you excited to add these awesome offerings from Fresh Monkey Fiction to your collection? Sound off on the Official Eagle Force Returns Discussion Thread right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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Marauder Gun Runners Marauder Task Force Exo Suit Gallery


The Marauder Task Force 1:18th K9 Dog, Exo Suit & Contract-Ops Kickstarter Campaign from Marauder Inc. is reaching the final countdown, with only 3 days to go in the campaign! As with all previous MTF campaigns, this latest one has blown through stretch goals with no intention on stopping any time soon!

One of the offerings available in this latest campaign is an Exo-Suit that is not only compatible with MTF figures, but with other 1:18 scale offerings as well! A gallery of this amazing new piece of hardware has been shared on the Marauder Gun Runners Facebook Page. We’ve mirrored the gallery of images here, so make sure to read more and check out the full gallery to whet your appetite!

What are your thoughts on the Exo-Suit? Something you’re planning on adding to your collection, or are you skipping it all together? Share your thoughts on the Cobra Island Forums

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Swindle Wants to Know . . .

“Bro, do you even lift?”

I picked up Combiner Wars Swindle last night, and I took a few pictures.

When I first saw Swindle on the shelf I had a mixed opinion of the figure.  The one I really wanted was Brawl, to tell you the truth, but this was the only one they had on shelves.  I wasn’t a fan of the Rook mold to be honest, but G1 Swindle is one of the figures I had as a kid.  Also the figure was a lot bulkier than I thought Swindle should be.  The original figure had scrawny arms.

This guy’s been clearly hitting the gym lately.  He’s a regular beefcake!

All in all I’m glad I picked up the figure.  The proper hands are a VAST improvement over Rook!  The hole in front of the fist was . . . interesting, but I prefer my figures to be able to hold their weapons the right way.

Speaking of weapons, Swindle comes with the same hand/foot/gun that rook came with. There’s a hole in the palm section that allows you to mount it on top of his vehicle mode, but it also allows you to combine it with his main gun!

All in all Swindle is a pretty awesome figure.  Maybe a little beefier than I expected, but a great addition to my Decepticon ranks!

I’d recommend him, even if you’re not planning on picking up the rest of the Combaticons.  Hell, I’m not.  Well probably Brawl, but not the other three.

You can check out larger images in the Swindle gallery on Cobra Island’s Google+ page!

Discuss the Combiner Wars Swindle figure here!

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