B2.Five Acid Rain Agurts Military R711 Speeder MK1r Review

Hot on the heels of our B2.Five Acid Rain Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Review comes our next look at another item from Series 1 – The Agurts Military R711 Speeder MK1r!

Although we’ve seen speeders in Sand, Jungle & Stealth themes, this is our first time receiving a speeder in vibrant colors, namely blue and orange. Both the Pilot and Speeder share similar markings and a pair of bunny ears, hopefully making this particular pilot lucky on the battlefield.

Don’t forget to visit the official B2.Five shop this week to pick up your own set! We’ve shared a gallery and review that you can check out right here on the Cobra Island Forums!

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B2.Five Acid Rain Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Review

The new B2.Five Acid Rain line from our friends at Skronex and Beaver is set to launch this coming Wednesday, September 27, 2017. In anticipation of the launch, we’re pleased to bring you reviews all weekend long of the first wave of figures from this fantastic new line!

First up, we take a look at the Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Set. The set includes 3 figures – 2 Agurts Military Jungle Soldiers and Steel from the Bucks Team! They’re loaded to the gills with gear to complete any mission objective. We’ve just begun to examine the first wave of offerings, so make sure to keep it locked all weekend long for more B2.Five Acid Rain reviews!

Don’t forget to visit the official B2.Five shop this week to pick up your own set! You can check out our Agurts Military K6 Jungle Soldier Review and gallery by joining us after the break! Make sure to share your thoughts on this awesome set on the Cobra Island Forums

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Swindle Wants to Know . . .

“Bro, do you even lift?”

I picked up Combiner Wars Swindle last night, and I took a few pictures.

When I first saw Swindle on the shelf I had a mixed opinion of the figure.  The one I really wanted was Brawl, to tell you the truth, but this was the only one they had on shelves.  I wasn’t a fan of the Rook mold to be honest, but G1 Swindle is one of the figures I had as a kid.  Also the figure was a lot bulkier than I thought Swindle should be.  The original figure had scrawny arms.

This guy’s been clearly hitting the gym lately.  He’s a regular beefcake!

All in all I’m glad I picked up the figure.  The proper hands are a VAST improvement over Rook!  The hole in front of the fist was . . . interesting, but I prefer my figures to be able to hold their weapons the right way.

Speaking of weapons, Swindle comes with the same hand/foot/gun that rook came with. There’s a hole in the palm section that allows you to mount it on top of his vehicle mode, but it also allows you to combine it with his main gun!

All in all Swindle is a pretty awesome figure.  Maybe a little beefier than I expected, but a great addition to my Decepticon ranks!

I’d recommend him, even if you’re not planning on picking up the rest of the Combaticons.  Hell, I’m not.  Well probably Brawl, but not the other three.

You can check out larger images in the Swindle gallery on Cobra Island’s Google+ page!

Discuss the Combiner Wars Swindle figure here!

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Review of “Marauder Task Force” Figures

Today at the New Jersey Collectors Convention, Marauder Gun Runners had a booth set up showing off and selling their new “Marauder Task Force” line of 3 3/4″ Action Figures.

I picked up four sets. Normally on their website, you would pick a body, and customize as you see fit with heads, weapons, gear, etc. Today at the show, they had prepackaged sets of the different colors (Black, Blue, Red, White, Dark Green, Camo and Tan).

I picked up one each of the Dark Green, Red, White, and Tan, of which I’ll be giving you my honest opinions of below.

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Desert Duel SDCC Exclusive Review by GeneralsJoes!

Justin from GeneralsJoes posted a review of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Desert Duel set!

The set was split up into two separate reviews so check out the review for the F.O.E. Striker with Chuckles and Night Fox and the review for the Basilisk with the Elite Horseman and Air Trooper!

Desert Duel review discussion!

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When I was a child, one of the first Transformers I remember having was Hot Spot. I eventually managed to acquire Streetwise and Groove from one of my cousins when he was trying to get rid of some of his Transformers. I never did acquire Blades or First Aid.

But now I’ve got all of the Protectobots . . . except Groove.


But anyway, check out my review of the Protectobots!

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CobraIsland Plays … with Transformers!

Let’s be honest this is CobraIsland, we’re not as up tight as the Suits in Springfield. While our mission of world domination is clear the general Island population are Vipers and Vipettes here to take a vacation from all the Blue and Red lasers, to chill on the beach and try not to think of Joes. They like to think sometimes of other things that they enjoy and PLAY!

Today CobraIsland Plays … with Transformers!

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