Don’t Go Losing Your Head Over These New Arms!

Kit Lau posted an image on his Acid Rain World instagram page, showing the new arm construction being used to the Omanga soldiers!

A small step for future!
We will have different bodies for Omanga soldiers

And remember you can find Acid Rain World figures and vehicles at Big Bad Toy Store and the Toy Source!

New Acid Rain World arm construction thread!

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Marauder Task Force Update!

We’ve got an update on the upcoming Marauder Task Force figures, courtesy Marauder “Gun Runners”!

Production is currently underway at the factory on the Marauder Task Force “replacement” figures. It took time, but after SEVERAL updated production samples, we finally approved all the engineering and material changes for the figures. Our friends at Boss Fight Studio were actually at the factory dealing with their own project, and were kind enough to check in on the MTF production. Delighted to say that all their reports were very positive!

Here are images of the MTF figures during various stages of the production/assembly process (looks like the body part dump outside of a civil war surgery tent…but you get the idea).

We are still on target for an early summer ship. After the Kickstarter reward packages ship AND start to arrive at their destinations, THEN the remaining figures & accessories will go live on our website. Thanks again for your support and patience!

…And we use to think that “Gun-Running” was challenging!

Thanks again!


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Laurel (Marine) Sketch Art!

Kit Lau posted a sketch of the Laurel (Marine) figures on his Acid Rain World Instagram page!

As the war becomes more frequent, the government needs to mobilize resources to battlefields more quickly, and it gives birth to Stronghold and Speeder. These transformable armours can deliver armaments to the battlefield more quickly. With the wars no longer sporadic, military spending has increased substantially to support development of armours for long lasting warfares. Developing all rounded type of armor is the trend. To minimize the casualties of the soldiers so that they can stay longer on the battlefield, Laurel System is fully developed. This is the first time the system was developed by a private company. For this reason, the non-military parts of the Laurel System was exported to other countries. To maximize its ability for general use, it is designed to couple with additional arms, some engineers also tailor make personalized armours for some individual soldiers.

Excited about these awesome figures?  What if I told you that you could pre-order your own Laurel (Marine) figure at Big Bad Toy Store or the Toy Source?  Pre-order your marines today!

Laurel (Marine) discussion!

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The Loyal Subjects G.I.Joe Action Vinyls Wave 2 Coming Soon!

The Team behind [url=]The Loyal Subjects[/url] shared a teaser image of Snake Eyes with hash tags advising that wave 2 of their G.I.Joe Action Vinyl assortment will be coming soon today via their [url=]Facebook Page[/url]!

However, be advised, as per TLS:


Make sure to head on over to [url=]The Loyal Subjects Facebook Page[/url] and give it a like, then continue reading to join us on Cobra Island for discussion in progress!

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Marauder Inc Marauder Task Force Sticker Design Contest

Our friends from [url=]Marauder Inc[/url] have posted up a new “contest” of sorts that will allow you to submit logo designs that may be used as stickers for MTF figures! Continue reading to hear the scoop directly from Marauder_John, then join us after the break to talk all about it!

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Boss Fight Studio Factory Visit!

Boss Fight Studio‘s Erik and Dave recently traveled to Hong Kong to visit the factory that’s producing their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. figures!

Thanks to Justin from GeneralsJoes we’ve got a look at some of the molds and test pieces!

We’ve all heard vague references to those Asian factories which actually are the cogs that produce the toys that we all love so much. But rarely do we get a real first hand glimpse of what they look like and what goes on there.

Well, Erik and Dave from Boss Fight Studio are paying a visit to Hong Kong, checking out the factory that’s making the Vitruvian HACKS action figures, and has sent along some fantastic images of their experience! In those images we see some great early examples of Vitruvian HACKS parts and pieces, as well as a glimpse of a never before seen abdomen piece to connect a mail body with the Gorgon snake tail!

Super cool.

Check out all these great images below, drool alongside with me and then start running circles around the room because you can’t wait until these are released. TEASE FIGHT STUDIO GO!

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Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto Talk to Action Figure Fury!

Action Figure Fury sat down with Joe Ahearn and Ed Catto for an interview, regarding the Captain Action franchise!

There’s a lot of great information about their various figures and comics, and the following information will be of interest to collectors of 4″ action figures!

AFF: Zica Toys has been promoting their 1/18th scale line as shipping in Summer 2015. Are we close to the release and will the first wave see Captain Action and the release of the Silver Streak?

Joe Ahearn: One of the coolest things about working with the team from ZICA is the Silver Streak they are developing for the line. As you probably know, the Silver Streak was Captain Action’s version of the Batmobile. It was an imaginative collectible and is still very sought after by vintage collectors. One thing that always bothered us, however, is that the Silver Streak looked long and sleek in the packaging illustrations, but the actual toy vehicle was a bit stubbier. We’ve worked with the gang from Zica to rectify this, and the new Silver Streak will more accurately reflect the idealized version from the packaging. (No pun intended.) And as its sculpted digitally, we’re plotting behind the scenes to figure out the best way to create a 1/6th scale version of it somewhere down the road.

We’re also planning additional characters for this line, including Dr. Evil and Lady Action. The Lady Action will be highly anticipated, we feel, because we’re designing an alternate outfit for her as part of this line.

Captain Action discussion!

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