Exclusive First Look – Gentle Giant 12 Inch Jumbo G.I. Joe

Mr. Page Wagner was in attendance at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California last week. While there, he visited the Gentle Giant Booth and was able to get video and commentary from the GG team on their [url=http://www.the3dstudio.com/collectibles/gi-joe]Jumbo 12″ G.I.Joe figures[/url].

Page was kind enough to provide the footage to Justin Bell of [url=http://www.generalsjoes.com]GeneralsJoes[/url], who has in turn posted it on YouTube. He spent a few minutes talking to Gentle Giant about future G.I. Joe releases and was able to get “hands on” with GG’s upcoming Grunt figure. Check it out below and then continue reading to join us for discussion already in progress!

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Still Collecting DNA for the Perfect Soldier!

The folks at Boss Fight Studio posted an image of Brian Cummings holding a Spartan Warrior figure of their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. toyline!

Dr. Mindbender himself, Brian Cummings showing off one of the obvious DNA Donors for Serpentor!! Didn’t know our Spartan was all up in your Cobra did’ja!?

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Marauder Gun Runners tease MTF “Valkyries”!

Our friends over at Marauder Gun Runners hot on the heels of finishing up and getting prime to release their Marauders Task Force are already looking to the horizon. That horizon being “Valkyries“!

‘Hey Folks!

Here is a little “teaser” for our NEXT figure project! More details to follow as we complete the current MTF figure roll-out.

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