Virtual Tour: The Michael Mercy 80’s Toy Museum Part 4

Our good friend Michael Mercy stopped by to share part four in his Virtual Toy Museum series! This time around, we get to feast our eyes on his impressive COBRA collection!

Special thanks to Michael for shouting out Cobra Island, we’re happy to be your home away from the ‘Drome!

Check  out the awesome 4th installment, then join in on the discussion in progress right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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Just Another GI Joe Show Ep 19 – “In The Dreadnoks” Behind the Camera

Episode 19 of the Just Another G.I. Joe Show airs tonight with special guest Skinny from BarkingFridge! Skinny will be on the show discussing “In the Dreadnoks” video, starring the Mupnok puppets! As always, there will be News, Updates and Rants, so make sure to tune in tonight and enjoy the show! 

Once you’ve checked out the show, join us on the Cobra Island Forums for discussion on Episode 19! 

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G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set By Mark Pingitore

Not too long ago we brought you word on Mark Pingitore’s G.I. Joke series, which includes a set of die-cut sticker trading cards. The G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set is now in hand and we’re eager to note that if you don’t have this set already, it’s one that you definitely won’t want to miss out on! 

The complete 18 sticker (9 character) G.I. Jokes Series 1 set stickers measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, with matte vinyl finish.  This is the 1st Print Run of this set, with 200 sets made! Included are:

  • 1a. Commandin’ BRANDON / 1b. LEE Der 
  • 2a. Zar TANNER / 2b. Face LES 
  • 3a. Chrome DOM / 3b. Des TROY 
  • 4a. JIM N. Eye / 4b. Two MAX 
  • 5a. BLAIR N. Ess / 5b. Femme FAYE Tal 
  • 6a. Firefly RYE / 6b. SAL Bo Tage 
  • 7a. Stormin’ NORMAN / 7b. Dark CLAUDE 
  • 8a. Mind BRENDEN / 8b. Brainy BEN 
  • 9a. Serpent TORY / 9b. COLE Bra

We’ve shared a few images of the set that you can check out by reading more below. We didn’t share too many though, as this is one set that should be examined up close and personal! Will you be adding series 1 of Mark Pingitore’s G.I. Jokes series to your collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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G.I. Jokes – Commandin’ BRANDON Enamel Pin and Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set

Mr. Mark Pingitore, better known around the boards as mping82, shared word on a new Enamel Pin and Die-Cut Sticker Set that he’s released in his Magic Marker Art storefront. Mark is an illustrator/animator who created the artwork for over 100 Garbage Pail Kids card fronts as well as concept work, sketch cards, and paintings for various other trading card series. More recently, he has gone off on his own releasing independent series inspired by 80’s pop culture, including Disasters of the Universe, Horrorible Kids, G.I. Jokes, and Mutagen Canister Kids.

The G.I.Jokes series released includes – 

G.I. Jokes Commandin’ BRANDON Enamel Pin – This awesome mash up of Cobra Commander and Garbage Pail Kids is a must have for any pin collector. 


G.I. Jokes Series 1 Die-cut Sticker Set –  A complete 18 sticker (9 character) G.I. Jokes Series 1 die-cut sticker set. Stickers measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, with matte vinyl finish. *1st Print Run – 200 sets made.

1a. Commandin’ BRANDON 
2a. Zar TANNER 
3a. Chrome DOM 
4a. JIM N. Eye 
5a. BLAIR N. Ess 
6a. Firefly RYE 
7a. Stormin’ NORMAN 
8a. Mind BRENDEN 
9a. Serpent TORY

1b. LEE Der 
2b. Face LES 
3b. Des TROY 
4b. Two MAX 
5b. Femme FAYE Tal 
6b. SAL Bo Tage 
7b. Dark CLAUDE 
8b. Brainy BEN 
9b. COLE Bra

Will you be adding either offering to your collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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Prime 1 Studio Reveals G.I.Joe Cobra Destro Statue

Prime 1 Studio has announced their new G.I.Joe Cobra Destro Statue via the Prime 1 Studio Facebook Page and wow, is this statue a thing of beauty or what?! Below are the details on this new piece – 

“Premature panic is the sign of an immature mind!”

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present PMGJ-04: Destro from G.I. Joe. Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV, usually referred to simply as Destro, is born in Callander, Scotland and he is Laird of the Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands. The Destro clan has designed and sold weapons for centuries, and Destro is the faceless power behind their current incarnation Military Armament Research System (M.A.R.S.), a state-of-the-art weapons manufacturer and one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Destro is the leader of the Iron Grenadiers, and founder of M.A.R.S. Industries, a weapons manufacturer and supplier for Cobra.

Statue features: 
– Size approximately 27 inches [(H)68cm (W)62cm (D)37cm]
– Limited Quantity Worldwide
– One (1) alternate Exclusive portrait (In Exclusive version only)

Retail Price: 
– Regular version: $749 US
– Exclusive version: $799 US

Edition Size: 
– Regular version: 500
– Exclusive version: 250

Prototype samples shown.
Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Will you be adding this amazing new Destro statue to your collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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Color Backings for Action Figure Archival Trays!

The folks behind Action Figure Archival Trays have announced that the first 50 backers will get a free color background for every four trays they buy!

A Special Gift:

Our first 50 backers will get one sheet of professionally printed heavy card stock backing for every 4 trays ordered (Reward 3 and up), adding flair to your tray display! Simply cut and insert! If you have already pledged 4 trays or more, you don’t need to do a thing…these will be included with your reward.

At the end of the Kickstarter campaign you can specify which types you want. We are offering the vintage card color backs for the first bunch of vintage figures for Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Indiana Jones, along with basic primary colors for those with other toylines and items.  Please note that these color inserts will be available for all of our tray sizes.

Check out the Action Figure Archival Trays Kickstarter campaign for details!

Action Figure Archival Trays discussion!

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What’s on Joe Mind? Special Edition #47!

The 47th special edition of What’s on Joe Mind is online!

Whoa! What happened to Special Edition #46?! Well, we’re still working on it.  In the meantime, we moved on to #47 to react to the GIJCC’s JoeCon site announcement. This year we are finally headed back west as a tiny burg named Loveland will enter our lexicon next to such cities as San Francisco, Dallas, New Orleans…and yes, Indianapolis.  What is there to see and do in the area? As always our intrepid crew tracks down a local to fill us in with the info that only locals know. So sit back, relax and listen to the gang re-assembling to talk about JoeCon 2015 – in Loveland, Colorado…and as always, sharing dirty stories about one Noted Author. You don’t want to miss it!!

What’s on Joe Mind? discussion!

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