G.I.Joe Collectors Club Confirms Figure Subscription Service 8 and FSS 6 Ship Date

Great news for fans of the G.I.Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service, or FSS for short – Today, the Club has confirmed that FSS 8 will indeed see the light of day! 

To bring you up to speed, it was still in the air on whether or not collectors would have an FSS 8 to add to their collections, so this is welcome news to many. In related news, the Club also confirmed that the first shipment against FSS 6 will occur this Friday, November 10th. For those paying in installments, payment due dates have been shared. Here’s the scoop from the Club – 

Hello Subscribers,

The day you have all been waiting for is this week! The first shipment will go out by this Friday, November 10. The December shipment is going out early before the end of November to help avoid the package rush so that you get if faster. For those of you on the installment plan, the billing dates are:

  • Installment 2: December 18. 
  • Installment 3: February 16.

Please keep your credit card and address current during the next few months. You can make changes here.

The final shipment will arrive in April. Our current plan is to have the FSS 7 first shipment in May so that we will be able to get FSS 8 shipping before the end of our contract.

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!


Are you excited about having the opportunity to add another wave of figures to your modern era collection? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums!

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Rank & File: A Guide to 4 Inch G.I. Joe Action Figures Volume 1.1 Ships Monday!

Great news for those that if you that got in on the Rank & File Volume 1 Reprint Kickstarter Campaign. Word has come in via a project update that Vol 1.1 will begin to ship this coming Monday, November 6th! In order for James to ship your book, you must first complete the Kickstarter survey that’s been sent out, so make sure to check your inbox for details! 

After a brief hiatus in 2006 that allowed the G.I. Joe brand to flourish in other areas, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero was reintroduced in a new stylistic direction that is still predominately used today! Not only did this reintroduction allow fans to revisit some of their most cherished icons within the G.I. Joe mythos, they were introduced to new characters that are now known and loved.

This Rank & File Volume 1.1 is an update to the introductory guide in a series that fully displays every G.I. Joe action figure produced between the 25th Anniversary and today, complete with every accessory and variation produced. Volume 1.1 begins with an introduction to G.I. Joe, discussing its 1964 origins all the way up to the Real American Hero line in its first two generations, and then fully explores the 25th Anniversary and Resolute 4″ action figures series. To top it off, every vehicle and play set released in the 4″ era has been documented and every easily removable piece has been individually photographed—ensuring collector completion.

Don’t forget, you can pick up other volumes in the Rank & File series directly from Mr. James Kavanaugh Jr. via the R.A.H.C. Guide website! Make sure to share your thoughts on the reprint with us right here on the Cobra Island Forums

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Night Viper

Red Shadows Night Viper Review Gallery!

We continue our Black Major review galleries this week with a look at another recent release, the Red Shadows Night Viper! Decked out in a Red and Black color scheme highlighted by the gorgeous Red Shadows decal on its chest this Night Viper is ready to pursue his target! Whether on duty to serve Baron Ironblood, Red Jackal or the Black Major himself, this elite unit is ready to deploy! We’ve shared a gallery of over 30 images that you can check out by reading more below. 

All this week we’ll be focusing on the remaining incarnations of the much loved Night Viper currently available to the public. In the absence of 3 3/4 Joe product on the shelf, The Major continues to keep excitement alive and the fan base enthused with his 3 3/4 0-ring ARAH Style offerings! Read more below to check out our full gallery of this awesome Cobra troop builder, then join us on the Cobra Island Forums to share your thoughts with us! 

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Eagle Force Returns Shattered Peace Page 16 Now Available

The latest page from the Eagle Force Returns Web Comic, Shattered Peace, is now available for your reading pleasure! 

Last week brought us to Mitte Borough, Berlin, Germany, where we saw a Motor cycle cruising through the streets, but it’s stopped by armed gunmen and a shadowy, white suited character. Who were they and what was the fate of our masked rider? 

Page 16 begins to shed light on the topic. Our “White Suited Character” from last issue confronts a masked man who promises him a spot in the New World Order, regardless of how they get there. Could this be Thule? Perhaps another operative from R.I.O.T.? Only time will tell! 

Eagle Force Returns: “Shattered Peace” Page 16 was written by Justin Bell and illustrated by Ryan Lord. There’s a new page every Wednesday, so join on the Cobra Island Forums to discuss this and all things Eagle Force Returns! 

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Adventure People

Adventure People Kickstarter Live

The Adventure People Kickstarter Campaign, brought to you by Zica Toys is live!  These awesome toys are sculpted by Boss Fight Studio, one of our favorite up and coming toy companies!

You know the quality for the Adventure People figures will be top-shelf with Boss Fight on the job!

The first wave of Adventure People will be 4 inches tall (the same as G.I. Joe, and Marauder Task Force–Another toy line sculpted by Boss Fight Studio), and will feature tons of articulation!

The cast of characters featured will include Captain Action, Action Jackson, Jet Jungle, and Captain Evil!  On top of that, if the Kickstarter campaign reaches $60,000 then two Captain Action variants will be unlocked!

Don’t hesitate folks!  If you want to see these figures on your toy shelves, donate to the Adventure People Kickstarter today!

Adventure People discussion!

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Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe

Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe On Sale

We’ve got exciting news via the 3DJoes Twitter Page!  The first two volumes of Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe are now on sale at the 3DJoes website!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe v1 + v2 are available now!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 1 is a 64 page 8″x11″ celebration of the art of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero, while Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 2 clocks in at a whopping 78 pages! Together, these two volumes cover the first four years of G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero and feature every carded figure, vehicle, playset and peripheral painted art. Both volumes feature a foreword by H. Kirk Bozigian, G.I.Joe Brand Manager from 1982-1995. These $35 softcovers feature 80# paper and stunning 11″x16″ wrap-around card stock foil print covers!

If you want some awesome art from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero era of G.I. Joe, then Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe is for you!

Collecting the Art of G.I. Joe discussion!

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H.A.C.K.S. Full Production and Preorders Soon!

That’s right folks!  I’ll be able to preorder Eurayle soon!  Did I mention she’s my favorite?!

Boss Fight Studio announced that they’re ramping up production, and preorders will be up on their site!

Hi Boss-Fighters!

Dave and Catrina are returning from an extended and successful trip to meet with our factory and approve final samples before we start production. We’re extremely encouraged with the high quality of samples we’re seeing, and can’t wait for you guys to have them in hand. We’ll be announcing formal dates shortly and opening up limited pre-orders for those that missed the Kickstarter!

Images behind the cut! [You can see the images in the link above.

We also got a look at the transparent purple skeleton!

One more update for tonight – the leftmost skeleton in the previously seen group pic will be a clear purple tint instead of the smokey tint.


Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. discussion!

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Marauder Task Force Delay!

We received bad news last night from the Marauder “Gun-Runners”.  Unfortunately there was a mix up at the factory, and they didn’t receive the full shipment of wave 1 repaints, so they won’t be able to ship them on time.

Hey 814 Valtaskers!

We received the shipment today that was to have the new male MTF colors..but there was a major mix-up on the order. We ONLY received a very small quantity of samples of some of the new male MTF colors and not the full order. Yeah, we were also very surprised and quite upset. We’re working to find out what went wrong and get the originally planned CORRECT items as soon as possible, but we won’t be able to ship the new Male color Kickstarter orders on Friday 11/6 as planned. We’ll keep you all in the loop and hope to have the situation corrected quickly.

Thanks again for your support,


As an avid fan of the Marauder Task Force figures, I’m fully confident that it will be worth the wait when I have these figures in hand!

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Turnaround Images of Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series!

The Fwoosh released turnaround images of their Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series figures!

Here are 4 point turnaround images of the hand painted prototypes for all 11 figures from The Feudal Series for your perusal!

Thanks again for supporting our campaign and extra thanks for all of you who are out there sharing this with all of your friends!

The Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter campaign ends in 5 days!  Contribute today if you want in on this!

Articulated Icons discussion!

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