Cobra 1st Legion Update!

Cobra 1st Legion Update!

Here’s the latest intel, courtesy of the Cobra 1st Legion on Facebook!

First up, we’ve received word that Cobra invaded the Big Wow! Comic Fest despite the presence of G.I. Joe!

After their success at Big Wow! Cobra decided to invade C2E2, with the help of Crix’s Cosplay!

Furthermore, we’ve received word that the Midwest Marauders have captured Sgt. Slaughter!

Midwest(“Midwest Marauders and friends with the real Sgt. Slaughter!  Photo provided by Dr. Mindbender“)

Finally we’ve received word that the operations at Retromega Comic Con went off without a hitch!

RetroMegaComicCon(“13th Viper Brigade SC at Pooler GA’s Retro Mega Comic Con!”)

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