Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe: Volume 5 (1990-1992) Is Heading To Kickstarter

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe: Volume 5 (1990-1992) Is Heading To Kickstarter

Word has come in from our friends from 3D Joes have shared more exciting news regarding Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe: Volume 5 (1990-1992). The next volume is almost ready for Kickstarter! From Carson – 

Here’s some interesting history we’ve gleaned from the Hasbro tour, HasCon displays, and recently acquired artifacts. From 1982-1988 all explosion backgrounds were painted and horizontal lines drawn along with the figure. We even saw Tiger Force Duke on tour at Hasbro during HasCon and he’s fully repainted, including the tiger stripe background. In 1989, things changed. The Python Patrol and Slaughter’s Marauders backgrounds were added in a step separate from the painting (we saw the original Python CG painting with the 1985 CG explosion background on tour at Hasbro during HasCon).

The sub-line backgrounds (Python Patrol, Slaughter’s Marauders, Sonic Fighters, Eco Warriors, Super Sonic Fighters, DEF, Ninja Force, and Talking Battle Commanders) were all added separately in post. By now desktop publishing was readily available, so we can assume that step happened digitally, since the only painting artifacts we’ve seen are the figures themselves.

The horizontal lines for the main Joe line continued through 1992, but they were likely added in post beginning in 1990. From 1986-1989 the artist avoiding having the figures and vehicles overlap with the horizontal lines, but by 1990 that was no longer a challenge when adding them in post and thus happened much more frequently.

By 1993, all carded figures were painted without backgrounds, and those were added in post. These Kodak Ektachromes show the 1992 DEF figures and the 1990 Cobra Hurricane paintings without backgrounds.

We’ve mirrored the shared images below,  Are you as excited as we are to add Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 5 to your collection? Will you be circling back to pick up previous volumes, or do you already own them all? Get in on the discussion on the Cobra Island Forums!

Collecting the Art of G.I.Joe Volume 5 From Is Picking Up Steam – Cobra Island

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