Cryptid Toys 1:12 6″ Scale Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks

Cryptid Toys 1:12 6″ Scale Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks

The time has finally come for 1:12 (6 inch) Super Articulated Blanks!  Cryptid Toys Super Articulated Blanks will be great for customizers in need of base figures, artists looking for drawing models, or collectors who just want to add some more figures to their collections. 

Each action figure has all the necessary points of articulation that collectors have come to expect in addition to interchangeable parts. These figures are in scale with Marvel Legends, DC Multiverse, DC Universe Classics, Mezco’s One:12 Collective, and many other collector lines.

The Skeleton is the first figure offered and will be available in Bone, Grey, and Black.  Each Skeleton currently comes with an extra set of gripping hands.  Stretch goals for different colors and additional parts to be included with each figure at no extra cost will be unlocked should the funding goal meet the indicated amounts. 

Brand new Male and Female blanks will be unlocked if the funding level reaches those stretch goal amounts as well! Make sure to get your contribution in early and let’s get more awesome items unlocked! You can join the campaign here –

Cryptid Toys 1:12 Scale Super Articulated Action Figure Blanks Kickstarter Campaign

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