Cryptid Toys 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks Kickstarter Update

Cryptid Toys 1:12 Super Articulated Blanks Kickstarter Update

The team at Cryptid Toys have shared a campaign update via Kickstarter regarding the proposed height for the Skeleton blanks. Votes have been cast and tallied…and we have a winner! Project backers have opted for a taller Skeleton and Cryptid Toys will move forward with the adjusted height! They’ve shared a gathering of images showing the size comparison against Marvel Legends, Mythic Legions and more, so make sure to read more below to check out the assortment. Here’s the scoop from Cryptid – 

Thanks to everyone who took the survey and weighed in on which sized skeletons they’d like. There were over 200 people who completed the survey on SurveyMonkey as well as many comments on social media. The response was clear that the slightly taller skeleton is what the most people preferred. From the survey: 113 said slightly taller, 47 said either one was fine, and 46 wanted the original height. In addition, there were about 18 comments between Instagram and Facebook for the slightly taller one and only about 5 for the original height. 

Sorry to those that wanted the skeletons to stay at the original height but these slightly taller ones are only about 1/4″ taller and are still in scale with Marvel Legends and other similar lines. I’m aware some people wanted these skeletons to be in scale with larger lines like Mythic Legions and Masters of the Universe Classics but those are simply too much larger than the Legends sized figures that these will still be in scale with. There are several comparison pictures included with various figures so have a look at those. 

Also, the stretch goals have been altered slightly… Many of you are very excited for the additional parts for the skeletons so those will now be offered in an earlier stretch goal. This moves the male blanks down to $50,000 before those get unlocked. Let’s get those bad boys unlocked!

What are your thoughts on the news? Join us after the break for discussion already in progress on the Cobra Island Forums!

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