“Daina Daina Daina!  You’re Driving Me Insana!”

“Daina Daina Daina! You’re Driving Me Insana!”

Yes.  That was a reference to Cody from Step By Step! :guitar  You guys remember that show, right?

Anyway, ska_lives posted images of his custom Daina figure!  Check it out!

Daina seems to be the go to Oktober Guard figure to make since the 50th LJ came out. All things considered the figure was a simple paint job. The only big customization of the original came from modifying the hat into the cliche Russian fur cap. I’m pleased with how the sculpt turned out, but not the photos of the hat. It looks so much better in hand, the details pop more, in the images they just seem flat. Also, the little star sucked to make. I wound up using pressed glue stick shavings and cut them into the star shape after I attached it to the hat. It was then allowed to dry, coated in Krazy glue to seal and add more support, and finally painted.

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