Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider!

Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider!

The New Jersey Collector’s Convention announced that they will be giving away this beautiful gem as a door prize at their next convention!

New Jersey Collectors Con is proud to announce our 2015 Custom Giveaway Exclusive: Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider! Featuring our first original head sculpt and a host of weapons, Death Metal will also come with a custom Dreadnok vehicle.

We will be giving this custom set away as door prizes 1 per hour. When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Sunday, August 2nd 2015!

Death metal: parts cast by Ragin Spoon and Nova
Guns and accessories by Marauder, Inc
Stickers by Cobrastickers

Direction, assembly and painting by KrymsynGardImmoral

Gator Raider
Parts cast by Nova
stickers by Cobrastickers
assembled and painted by KrymsynGardImmoral

parts for both projects provided in part by Kokomo Toys

You can check out more photos of Dreadnok Death Metal and his Gator Raider on Cobra Island’s Google + page!

Dreadnok Death Metal with Gator Raider discussion!

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