DreadnokDread G.I.Joe Themed Tee Shirts, Caps and More!

DreadnokDread G.I.Joe Themed Tee Shirts, Caps and More!

Heads up, Islanders! We have some exciting news to share with you from our good friend Dreadnokdread. For the last handful of years, Dread has been putting together a fantastic run of G.I.Joe and Cobra themed shirts. We’ve included a few images to give you an idea of the designs available. What’s really awesome is that you can pre-order your favorite shirt color, style or even select between short sleeve, long sleeve or hoodie! 

Prices vary according to what you order. For instance: 

  • Size S – XL soft style shirts are $20 + S&H
  • Size 2XL will run you $25 + S&H
  • Hoodies go for $40 + S&H
  • Trucker Caps are $25 shipped

The Pre-Order typically runs for about a week and a half towards the end of November, with all signs pointing to a kick off next week. For those of you that have been getting in on the fun for the last couple of years, then there’s news for you twoo! This year, Dread will be adding even more new designs:

  • CC Mickey Mouse
  • Transformers G.I.Joe Logo
  • Tiger Force (Maybe?)

So make sure to keep it locked on Dreadnokdread’s Instagram Account so that you can get in on the pre-order and rock some awesome G.I.Joe and Cobra themed schwag this holiday season! Don’t forget, these items make great stocking stuffers, so make sure to get some for your G.I.Joe friends & family as well! You can talk all about the pre-order right here on the Cobra Island Forums

DreadnokDread G.I.Joe Themed Tee Shirts, Caps and More! – Cobra Island

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