Dream Concept Studio Zombie Lab Kickstarter Campaign Update

Dream Concept Studio Zombie Lab Kickstarter Campaign Update

The team at Dream Concept Studio have shared a progress update regarding their Zombie Lab Kickstarter Campaign. Here’s the scoop: 
First and foremost, the team at DCS apologized for the late response; They’ve been tied up at the Factory where the figures are being manufactured. 
Next, there are still over 100 people who have not yet completed their survey. The DCS team cannot help with your order if you do not respond. To those that fall in to this category, a message has been sent via Kickstarter message and/or e-mail. There are some backers that haven’t logged in to the backport system, whereas there are others that have logged in, but have not completed the survey. Please do so ASAP. 
While on the topic of the survey, BACKPORT has is reopened;  Two new functions were added into system:
  1.  Address changing request 
  2. “Survey is Done” status —> can be checked in system

Please note: All backers must complete the survey before April 30, 2018. This is the last chance to do the survey and add on any items. If backers still do not complete the survey before  April 30, 2018, Dream Concept Studio cannot send your items on time. Your order will be pushed to the end of the shipment cycle, as the delivery process should be smoothly. 

We’re talking all about the Zombie Lab Kickstarter Campaign on the Cobra Island forums, so come join us! 

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