Eagle Force: The Cat in Seize the Castle Kickstarter Update #3

Eagle Force: The Cat in Seize the Castle from our friends at The Drawn Word flew right past initial funding, reaching their goal in less than 24 hours! As such, new stretch goals have been added to the campaign – 

  • $700 USD – The Cat: Seize the Castle gets funded! 
  • $1,000 USD – Seize the Castle gets two character illustrations from Artist Kevin Roberts!
  • $1,500 USD – An additional Eagle Force Mega short story, starring The Cat is added! 

The campaign is just $200 shy from hitting the 1K tier. Seeing that we’re so close, the characters that will be represented have been revealed! 

  • Mastiff and Tarantula, aka the Bossman and the Butt-kicker!

We’re so close to unlocking these two awesome character cards, so make sure to spread the word on the Eagle Force: The Cat in Seize the Castle Kickstarter campaign! 

Will you be getting on on the new Kickstarter campaign today? Sound off on the Cobra Island Forums

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