Eagle Force HQ – When Enemies Meet

Eagle Force HQ – When Enemies Meet

A new transmission has been received from Eagle Force HQ! Check out the details below –

Enter Baron Von Chill

The Cat: Seize the Castle gives you your first in-continuity meeting between Lee Fine and Baron Von Chill. Pick up where Eight Lives Left, as Fine tries to pick up the pieces of his conscience, and as he’s dragged back into his quest for vengeance over the events in New York.

It launches at noon TODAY on Kickstarter! The campaign will run for only 10 days, so don’t miss out!

In other Eagle Force news, the Goldie Hawk photo cards are due at the printer. The Drawn Word will pick them up tomorrow and work towards getting them out to backers next week. I think they’re going to be worth the wait!

Finally, Eagle Force Legends Pack #2 is still waiting on the Monster Force metal card from that printer. They gave The Drawn Word a time frame of within the next two weeks. As soon as those arrive, they’ll go out, as well.

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