Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Face the Night Kickstarter Campaign Update

Eagle Force Pulp: The Cat in Face the Night Kickstarter Campaign Update

Chris Irving from The Drawn Word has shared a new update on his latest Eagle Force Novela, The Cat in Seize the Castle! The update comes to us via Kickstarter, where Chris notes that the rough layout for Face the Night has been completed and we’re looking at a whopping 75 pages for the latest installment! That’s not even counting the MEGA story that’s being included. There’s a laundry list of items to share with you, so check them out below as your feedback has been requested!

1. I may have an Eagle Forcer cameo/feature in the Baron Von Chill MEGA story. Who do you prefer from this list: Canary, Cat, Strikeback, or Blackbird? Sound off below!

2. Email me a letter for the letter column in Face the Night! This goes off to press in the next week, so please get it to me by the 6th.

3. If I do all four Cat stories (including the next one!) in a limited hardcover, would you pick it up?

4. Finally, I have a cool Kickstarter up that has a few days to go, and just $200 to fund. Any of you hear of wacky 1940s cartoonist Fletcher Hanks? We’re doing a pack of 3D cards featuring his zany work! Check it out, and please help spread the word!

Share your answers to the questions above with us after the break on the Cobra Island Forums!

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