Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Update

Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Update

Heads Up! For those of you that contributed to the Eagle Force Returns Kickstarter Campaign, there’s an important update that requires your attention. Our friends from Fresh Monkey Fiction have shared word on a possible delay in shipping out our figures. That said though, the reason for the delay is a positive one. Here’s the scoop: 

As some of you know Zica/Remco toys, who is partnering with FMF on Eagle Force, canceled their Adventure People line. As FMF is sharing this tooling for Eagle Force, Craig at Zica/Remco was kind enough not to go into specific details with his messaging. So naturally folks are asking “Why did he cancel?” Well, as FMF feels that transparency is key with Kickstarter, they felt that they should let you know. It was primarily about scale. Although still very much 1/18th, the Eagle Force figures are a bit shorter than other popular figures in the market, as you can see by this image.


There were also a few minor imperfections in the tooling, like the shoulders are a tad rounded and after many months the ankle ball never really looked the way we intended. Craig was not willing to compromise on these points, so he decided to cancel the Adventure People and offer refunds out of his own pocket. FMF was willing to go with the current scale and deal with these minor issues in order to stay on target for our original delivery in late March.

After a long discussion with Craig and getting some feedback at Designer Con from fans, we decided this is not really up to them. It’s up to YOU…the community that came together to bring Eagle Force back to life.

Fresh Monkey Fiction has the opportunity to redo the tooling, fix the scale and adjust some minor issues, but this will push Eagle Force Returns 3-4 months behind schedule and won’t delivered till summer 2018. It’s important to keep in mind that this tooling will be used in future lines as well, see above, so it does have a broad and lasting impact. If they do retool, Craig is considering reversing his thinking and moving ahead with Captain Action, so there is that as well. FMF would prefer to redo the tooling and adjust the scale, but they wanted to get as much feedback as they could so we can make the best informed decision.

Like all Kickstarters, this is process, so they hope everyone understands that although they’re not Hasbro or Mattel, Fresh Monkey Fiction is committed to making the best toys possible. They’ll be posting this on Facebook but please share your comments in the Kickstarter Comments area, as this is really a question for the backers.

Thanks everyone!

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