Eagle Force Returns Shattered Peace Page 15 Now Available

The latest page from the Eagle Force Returns Web Comic, Shattered Peace, is now available for your reading pleasure! 

Recent events at the UN point to R.I.O.T. re-entering the landscape, with Goldie Hawk reaching out to General Brown to report the horrible news of what has unfolded. 

The latest page brings us to Mitte Borough, Berlin, Germany, where we see a Motor cycle cruising through the streets, but is stopped by armed gunmen and a shadowy, white suited character. Who are they and what is the fate of our masked rider? We’ll have to wait until page 16 is revealed to find out! 

Eagle Force Returns: “Shattered Peace” Page 15 was written by Justin Bell and illustrated by Ryan Lord. There’s a new page every Wednesday, so join on the Cobra Island Forums to discuss this and all things Eagle Force Returns! 

Eagle Force Returns Discussion Thread – Cobra Island Forums

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