Fleet by ska_lives!

Fleet by ska_lives!

Tonight we’ve got another awesome figure from ska_lives!  Check out G.I. Joe‘s newest recruit, Fleet!

Codename: FLEET
RN: Miles Coletrane
Specialty: Scouting and Recon specialist

Known for his fleet foootedness when running track in college, Fleet joined the military to see the world. He made a name for himself doing old fashioned scouting and recon. He went where the drones could not see, and returned without the enemy knowing any different.
His abilities gained the attention of Spirit Iron-Knife during a routine Joe recruit scouting. Fleet was immediately tapped for a spot on the team. He has made a name for himself among Data-Vipers as a ghost or non-entity, something that just isn’t there. They do not realize that this “ghost” is a person, they just believe it is a hiccup in their drone recordings.

“The kid could run across Arakkis and not attract the worm!” – Breaker

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