Fumetsu (Undying Ronin)

Fumetsu (Undying Ronin)

The Fwoosh revealed Fumetsu (Undying Ronin), one of the stretch goals for their Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series Kickstarter campaign!

After Itami left behind the cabal of hardened thieves and murderers he had forged, his soul burned. Nightmares plagued his sleep. There was only one way to atone for the horror he had wrought on the world: Seppuku. Itami climbed the highest cliff and there he found a nameless samurai, dead by his own hand. Itami smiled at the peace he saw in the samurai’s eyes. No nightmares plagued this man. As the sun dipped low, Itami slid a knife into his stomach and felt his life fade with the passing light. Soon cold moonlight fell on his still body. But when the first blades of the fresh morning sun sliced a clean stroke across his face, his eyes raked open and he shoved himself from the tepid pool of his own blood, sucking in a jagged gasp of air. Unwanted by even death itself, Itami took it as a sign that he must make amends for the pain he caused. He took the armor from the dead man and forsook his birth name, as it was now stained with shame. Having cheated death, he took the name Fumetsu and roamed the lands searching for trouble, hoping that he would find the peace at the end of an opponent’s blade that he could not find for himself.

Thanks again to our friends at A.C.B.A. for running the poll, it’s still live and we’re going to use the voting as the order of the reveals over the coming days.

And if you are just finding out about this now, head on over to our kickstarter campaign and take a look!

Big thanks to all of our supporters and everyone who is helping to spread the word on social media, every little bit helps get these made!

Fumetsu will be unlocked at $250,000 so be sure to contribute to the Articulated Icons: The Feudal Series campaign if you want a shot at seeing this great figure in plastic!

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