Fury Force Silent Master Pre Order from POPprolific and Hammer of The Gods Toys Now Live

Fury Force Silent Master Pre Order from POPprolific and Hammer of The Gods Toys Now Live

It’s here! The first pre-order from the new Fury Force series of 5.5″ Custom Resin Figures from Popprolific and HotGToys is now live! 

POPprolific is proud to team up with Hammer of The Gods Toys to bring you the Shadow Masters sword brother: The Silent Master, a hand made Limited Edition 5.5″ Resin Figure! Each figure comes in a Zoloworld clamshell with a vintage style card insert. This pre-order will go live March 17, 2018 and end on March 31, 2018. After the pre-order period ends, we’ll go back to our respective laboratories and start cranking out these pieces. These figures will start shipping the second week of May.

His Story:
Silenced, after the permanent loss of his vocal cords during an aircraft explosion on a military tour of Southeast Asia, the reclusive and mysterious Silent Master is a dangerous commando and master of at least 12 forms of martial arts. He is a force of nature with the effortlessness and destructive power of a gust of wind.

  • Figure Includes: Uzi , 2 swords

Not only is the Silent Master now available for Pre-Order, but a special Accessory Pack (#1), is now available for pre-order as well! The accessories packs will be a mix of resin casted replacement parts for vintage figures and newly sculpted items from our new Fury Force series and Masters of Martial Arts series. The intention for this set is to add another level of display for your figures. The head that comes with this pack is compatible with the Silent Master release, or with a little TLC you can convert your favorite vintage figure to a Silent Master…This set comes with the Test Pilot head only, there is NO action figure body with the set. These packs will start shipping the second week of May.

  • Pack Includes: Silent Master Test Pilot head, Pistol, Zapper, Rifle

You can pre-order your Silent Master here: Fury Force Silent Master by POPprolific and Hammer of The Gods Toys

Get in on the Accessory Pack Pre-Order Here: Accessories Pack #1 (pre-order)

Will you be adding the Silent Master and/or the Accessory Pack to your 5.5″ Collection? Sound off after the break on the Cobra Island Forums

Hammer of the Gods Toys and Popprolific Present Fury Force – Cobra Island

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